Product Description:

A set of four, A4 sheets (210mm x 297mm) of photo-realistic, professionally illustrated modern red brick retaining wall backscene component. Each section of retaining wall has been fully detailed with coping stones, buttresses, footings & recessed main wall area effects from a truly realistic appearance.

Each sheet comprises of two 280mm lengths of retaining wall, each standing 91.5mm tall, and features full weathering & detailing (different on every sheet), including watermarks, general dirt & grime and algae. Total length of retaining wall from a single print is 2240mm (7.3ft).

These individual backscene elements are designed to enable the railway modeller and diecast collector to quickly and easily create a unique & original backscene for their model railway layout or customise and enhance and existing backscene. Each element can be quickly downloaded, printed out, then trimmed to size and glued into position on a suitable backscene former such as a sheet of hardboard, plywood or MDF. Compatible with all OO scale model railway and 1:76 diecast vehicle brands. Supplied as a download and print Adobe PDF file (zipped for speed and ease of delivery).

Fully compatible with all model railway brands & buildings. Download this period shop sign sheet instantly now!

Additional Product Images

Modern Brick Retaining Wall Backscene Element – BX001A – OO/4mm/1:76 – £1.50

For the pre-printed version of this backscene element sheet, click here.

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102 Responses to Modern Brick Retaining Wall – BX001A – OO/4mm/1:76

  1. Alan says:

    BYOB – go for it!

  2. carl sanderson says:

    Re backscenes, go for it!

  3. David Shearer says:

    Great idea, this is a sadly ignored area of scenery. Go for it. I will be looking forward to using this when my 1950s layout gets to the back scene stage.

  4. shaun morris-armitage says:

    I think a back scene range, especially one that it more contemporaneous than the 1950’s, would be both welcome and would retail well.

  5. ray austin says:

    like the idea of backscenes as there is not much on the market –include sky paper as well as town and country scenes however think of us n gauge subscribers please

  6. Ian Degville-Thompson says:

    Re your backscene comments. I would certainly be interested in a cloudy sky backscene especially if could be made continuous for the length I need.

  7. Ian says:

    Re 2D backscenes

    Hi Justin
    I’m at the planning stage of my new railway (actually building the room it’s going in at the moment) I’m coming back to the hobby after about 40 years so things have changed a bit and I’ve been buying the odd backscene but nothing really fits what I need, Currently I ‘m looking for rows of victorian era built terrace houses,updated to modern London, three story mostly and to add to the misery they are planned on a slopping roadway so the idea of cutting and pasting individual fronts is an attractive option perhaps with a cloudscape and then a townscape layered in turn before that on the backboard… So all power to your elbow… you’ll have at least one customer waiting.
    PS Thanks for the great newsletter its very informative and helpful

  8. Ron Millar says:

    Hi, just a thought here – having just about (if ever) finished my layout in my railway lodge, I’m thinking of back scenes……. and thought, would it not be a good idea to have, for example, an industrial back scene that one could purchase, and then, over and above the back scene, some ‘plug in’ half relief ‘build it your self’ buildings, like factories, office bocks etc…
    just a thought.

  9. Kevin Phare says:

    Backscene comments. An area that might be worth considering is trees, shrubs, bushes, hedges etc to infill in and around the buildings you mentioned in your intro.

  10. Alan Roberts says:

    I have Gaugemaster backscenes on my layout Justin, which are photographs really, and I am pleased with them. But living in Dorset I have wide vistas of rolling hills around me and I often stand on a hill and take a series of overlapping photos, meaning to splice them together to make a personalised backscene. I did it once on my last layout but it was quite a short one. I have thought of finding somewhere which could produce my photos on a continuous roll, just as you mentioned.
    It depends on where the layout is based, country or urban I suppose. It would be nice to have no joins in the backscene. So I wish you luck.

  11. Dave B says:

    yes I would be interested in your backscene idea

  12. Steve Cox says:

    I think your idea regarding collatable (is that a word? It is now :-)) has merit and I have been experimenting along similar lines myself. These would be particularly useful if the different scenes could merge into each other to create a wide continuous backscene.

  13. David H says:

    Definitely go for the diy backscene idea, There is a very limited and quite boring selection currently available.

  14. Brian says:

    Backscenes are a really good idea. I have used several of your downloaded models on my layout but really struggled with a back-scene. I wanted modern industrial but not too ‘dark satanic mills’ just a modern skyline. Eventually I managed to cobble something together from internet photos but had to spend time melding images so looked like they matched. not easy and would really prefer something that was thought through so your suggested option seems just right.

    Keep up the good work


  15. michael moore says:

    Yeh brilliant, idea go ahead with it .
    I certainly like the idea of the long continuous roll for the sky, you
    have a guaranteed customer for that, keep up the good work.

  16. Deborah Hemphill says:

    I would be interested in the cloud scenes. What a great idea

  17. Colin Edwicker says:

    I reckon your backscenes plan is a great idea Justin especially if you can supply them on long rolls. Keep up the good work.

  18. Peter Horton says:

    What a good idea, it could also be easily scaled at home to suit N or 1:160

    I look forward to seeing more!

  19. Denis Keenan says:

    Definitely interested in thebackscene idea. The ones currently available are either very toytown-ish or to a high photo standard, which are difficult to blend in. I await with baited breath!

  20. John Palmer says:

    Hi! I really enjoy your blog/postings. I’m glad to hear that your wife is doing well too.
    I’m not a fan of paper wrap buildings, preferring the texture of plastic over the photo texture of the downloads. What I do use them for is as templates for re-creating them in plastic form, thereby getting what I want in the end.
    As for your backscene idea, I think it’s potentially great! Photo real buildings and trees in various scales and sizes, with smaller ones slightly blue or blurred to simulate the haze of distance viewing and the UV effect. I would envisage adding a 3D element by sticking the outlines onto the scene with thick double sided tape and maybe giving the effect of a street corner by sticking one end with a tape pad and the other end straight to the board. Other ideas will no doubt come to me eventually… 🙂
    Cheers for now, JP

  21. katie and dave says:

    great idea we would be interested would give a lot more scope for backscene design

  22. John Kingshott says:

    Yes go for it, I have done so myself, using camera on panoramic view. of my local area adds a personal touch

  23. Hi J ustin.
    How about some thing with farm house and farm buildings and chicken sheds and a duckpond with a rough track leading to it with some moors or feilds and fences stretching away and topped of a blue sky and mares tail clouds …………
    ?..is this a to tall an order ..What say you………….
    All the best Debbie……………

  24. John Scott says:

    Sounds like a very good idea and definitely worth progressing with.

  25. andy m says:

    I think the backscene idea is great a night time sky with stars would be good as well as blue and cloudy grey sky I would purchase them as I am sure many others would I have used the old Buit-ezzi sheets many times on both railway and tram layouts so it would be nice to have some new ones

  26. David Stephenson says:

    I think being able to customise backscenes from a number of interchangeable elements would be a boon; especially as they would then be unique.

    I find many of available backscenes are rather twee, or unsuitable for my embryonic steam layout.

    I’m not sure about sunscreens as the sky is usually paler towards the horizon, therefore I am quite happy with white with 2d buildings stuck on top.

    Would it be possible to pick and mix backscenes, rather like an all day breakfast?

    Many thanks for comments and updates..


  27. Rob says:

    Great Idea… Personally Im looking for around 20feet of backscene suitable for N gauge.

  28. Yes I would definitely be interested in a build your own backscene! I have been looking for a while for something like this as I have a large layout with different areas needing different backscenes.

  29. Laurence Pollard says:

    Hi Justin, I am currently considering back scenes for the first part of the 00 layout. Currently I am considering taking photographs of suitable countryside and using these printed, cut & pasted.
    Sky is currently being painted onto the sloping roof of the loft but is not yet as I want it. So yes, I would be interested in a flexible system to create the countryside with an illusion of depth on the back walls. I am even considering using N gauge trucks & vehicles immediately in front of the back scene to enhance this effect.

    How long is the back scene? Up to 120 feet!! So it will have to be an economic system. Hope this info. will be of use.

    Best regards,


  30. C.Bowen says:

    What a great idea. To actually build up your own back scene would be fantastic!!!

  31. Mike Erdman says:

    Being new to railway modeling, and not very artistic I think it is a brilliant idea and would certaily use it

  32. Graham says:

    Wish you’d done this a year ago it is a good idea and if I do change I will be looking forward to scanning your site

  33. Toby Lever says:

    Brilliant idea, look forward to seeing them and tips on the best adhesive!

  34. Tom Cranston says:

    This is a good idea, as most back scenes are fixed and cannot be changed. Being able to compile bespoke scenes, would allow the modeller to have more flexibility.

  35. slowley says:

    definitely interested… would be good to see a few mock ups .. as to what`s involved so we can comment.. one of the interesting sides of modelling being able to use the printer properly ……..

    Why don’t you run a days course on downloading/printing off your kits……bring your own printers….
    I know I would be interested…would also expect to pay…….

    kind regards………js

  36. David Littlewood-Tysoe says:

    Fully support your backscene proposals. I have recently been putting together some diorama backscenes for photographic purposes, and I found appropriate download material very elusive. For those like me with only an A4 printer tileable sky is a must-have in such circumstances.

  37. Geoff A says:

    With regard to your backscene ideas, I would be very interested if you could produce grimy warehouses, industrial buildings etc. which could be cut out and stuck on to a sky backscene for my 1950s era layout

  38. Mike Street says:

    Hi Justin, very good idea to produce reasonably priced backscenes also the mix and match idea, photo collage on top of sky layer. Go for it, I am sure it will do well.
    Mike S

  39. Jim Flynn says:

    Justin, I think the general idea is a good one. I would definitely be interested in any types that were not period focused, but more scenery. Regarding any that showed buildings, especially shop fronts, they would have to be period looking, late 1800’s early 1900’s to work for me.

    That’s not a complaint, just a fact, as I realize the more modern periods are much more popular. So a much larger market.

    I say go for it, and good luck 🙂


  40. Andreas J says:

    it certainly sounds like an idea. Smaller building fronts on one printout could follow a theme.

  41. Colin Styles says:

    Your backscene idea is excellent, especially as they would be so very adaptable and variable. I hope you proceed.
    Best wishes,

  42. James says:

    I think you would be on to a winner. Most backscenes I have seen are poor quality or for USA / continental Europe. The ability to mix, match and scale to force perspective would seal it for me.
    Go for it….

  43. John says:

    I think that the BYOB project is a great idea and I am looking forward to seeing more output.
    Industrial, commercial buildings and sky scenes are of particular interest. I hope you proceed with the project.

  44. colin hunter says:

    great idea go for it what about a end building row of retail park shops- i.e b&q,halfords excetra an other idea for the new bridge have a photo image of a road back scene giving the impression the road goes somewhere once passed under the bridge
    one final thought the shop signs could they have the option of putting your own choice of name of
    keep the kits coming!

  45. Perry Westberry says:

    I would certainly be interested in different images for the sky.

  46. Peter Fitness says:

    I think that it’s a great idea. The thought of creating a suitable backscene has been worrying me since I started rebuilding my layout. A system such as you propose would be a real boon for me.

    I also hope you go ahead.



  47. John Clegg says:

    An excellent idea, particularly as the current proprietary ones are a little ordinary and seem to have a common style. My layout will go from a town to a village passing through rural Somerset countryside. Plenty of scope there then.

  48. Frank Organ says:

    Absolutely go for it, I need all the help I can get.

  49. Bruce says:

    Good idea, especially if they can be collaged at the pre-print stage. That is if you can provide some means of locating a number of elements on an A4 sheet edge with the next door A4 sheet (A4 being the standard printer size in most households). You should consider both portrait and landscape formats. Collaging, say, in .ppt with the grid lines on should be reasonably simple.

  50. David Tuson says:

    I like your suggestion. I make my own “mickey mouse” backscenes from pictures of trees, fields, the sky etc., that I cut out of magazines. And if they are on glossy paper I scan into the computer and reprint as matt. Look good from a distance especially when 3D trees, animals and buildings are put in front of the backscene.

  51. Clive Nurse says:

    I believe there’s room for a flexible and scaleable system as you suggest. Although I’ve got my backscene and have done some low relief models, scaleable outlines behind them would be useful.
    Good luck, if you decide to go on this venture.

  52. Steve says:

    The backscene idea is great. Please proceed!

  53. Hi Justin, great idea! A modular backscene would be a very flexible system and everybody will get something from it.

  54. wayne says:

    great news to hear about the backscenes also just had a quick look at the double track bridge
    that is amazing when i am ready it’s good to know where i can come to order it yes yes keep doing ideas like these for people like us all the best

  55. Pamela says:

    What a brilliant idea! Tina, you and Justin have excellent ideas for projects. I have a UK diorama which I will be “decorating” soon. I will be in a minority here I know, but would you produce an alpine vista, such as would be seen from, say, Bellinzona or Chiasso in the Italian side of the Alps? My personal need would be for a 3- or 4-metre continuous length. Bellinzona is in a flat-bottomed meandering river valley at the foot of steeply-rising mountains. Best wishes, Pamela

  56. Stephen Bolton says:

    The backscene idea is great, It seems to me like one of those ideas that is so simple and obvious, you wonder why no-one has thought of it before!

  57. Stephen Hopper says:

    An excellent idea Justin … as my model railway takes shape I will certainly be interested in a number of backscenes, especially ones where you can create depth to them … well done

  58. Rodney Hawkins says:

    Backscenes? YES PLEASE, especially N gauge.
    I’m actually building a T gauge layout and I find it relatively easy to print out N gauge at T scale.
    I don’t expect you to start producing T gauge items because of the limited market, but N gauge items are generally less fiddly than 00, so better suited to scaling down.
    Best of luck with the idea,
    Rodney Hawkins.

  59. Peter R says:

    Great idea, cannot wait to see the end product, in the meantime I have downloaded the Brick back-scene to give it a try. my favourite method of construction is to print onto A4 Label paper then stick straight onto corf-lute or 3mm plastic.
    Peter R

  60. Phil Sandiford says:

    Yes, I would be interested in a backscene.
    I find the ones available at present not suited for what I needed
    I specifically wanted a backscene that would have low relief buildings immediately in front of it, and the backscene itself would be more of a skyline of a grimy industrial town.

  61. B.Gibson says:

    I like the idea of backscene skies. My early steam-train-type memories are of grey drizzle skies, rain soaked platforms and terraced backs in the industrial Midlands. I was planning a photo tour and trespassing, but will hang around now to see what you come up with.
    Best of luck..

  62. Martin Wickham says:

    I think the back scene idea is a brilliant concept. Very flexible indeed. Govfor it.

    I would be inrerested in buying it.

  63. Mary Fish says:

    This will enable me to do the job right, brilliant go ahead

  64. Brian Gray says:

    Great idea hope you can make this work.

  65. Ron says:

    Certainly be interested in the backscene idea. The cloudy sky would be one I’d certainly use. Looking forward to it!

  66. oldsumbody says:

    Great idea although I wonder if a wall is a good starter – I would have used existing kits and bits for what is basically only a 2D feature anyway. The idea of collage-able bits is great – everyone’s backscene is different and this idea sounds super.
    On a different note – many must have joined you since Tina’s “happening” and we don’t always understand what your talking about in your super newsletters.
    As an active OAP I do not have time to sit eating ice-cream in the garden! I have far too many other jobs – not like you youngsters! I’ve not worked on my layout for some months now – much track is laid but still needs quite a bit of working on before I get to updating most of the stock – I work in 3mm so your re-size facility is invaluable and I look forward to using many of the kits – Have you ever considered a more villagey group with more suitable cottages and farm type buildings?
    Enough chat – I have drains to lay and extensions to complete and that’s before installing the new kitchen and bathroom or hanging up pictures! Ice-cream in the garden!! Nice thought.
    Best wishes to you all. Thanks for the briefings

  67. Karl Macrow says:

    The modular back scene idea is a brilliant one. why has no one thought of it before? Currently if you want along back scene you either have to paint it yourself or be stuck with repeating patterns. Cant wait to se the range you come up with. don’t forget trees!

  68. Iain G. says:

    A cloud background that is continuous sounds good.
    Also the ability to stick on different buildings (scalable). Industrial / town.
    To create a unique background.

  69. Geoff Medland says:

    Sounds like a good idea. Although I’ve already used backscenes from Townstreet and Gaugemaster on my layout, if I like the look of them, I may buy new ones and stick them over the existing ones, as long as the buildings look realistic enough. I model in N gauge though, so will you produce them in N, or would I be able to reduce them on my pc?

  70. Eric Gray says:

    About back scenes; sky ones would be useful, especially if they cover different seasons/weather (hope that’s not too much of a challenge!). Also some flat open fields…. My layout (under development/construction) is set in Lincolnshire and none of the currently available back scenes seem to have that ‘huge sky,far away horizon’ that is required. Surely I’m not the only person who wants something along those lines……
    I have been sourcing photos of the area and looking forward (?) to Photoshopping for a few hours, but pre-made would be more than tempting!

  71. I can only add a vote of yes, great idea. It would solve a current problem but would also be a far more acceptable way of proceding for future layouts… I am also an N gauge man but I don’t think that should be a major issue in terms of the concept.

  72. Rod Cornford says:

    I would be most interested if you produced a backscene of a port in the 1950s to 1960s era with ships, cranes and warehouses of that period, and also a continuous roll of sky and clouds would be great.
    Looking forward to see if this idea proceeds in the future.
    Good Luck

  73. Rod Cornford says:

    Very interested in backscenes, especially if one of a long length can be of a port scene in the 1950s to 1960s, with ships,cranes and warehouses of that era.
    Best Wishes

  74. Dave says:

    Hi, I like the idea of a variable sky/cloud backscene. Also what about an industrial setting?

  75. Mark Thomas says:

    An excellent idea and would solve my current dilemma. I am looking for photographic like quality (as with your excellent kits) of landscapes both rural and city. I have low profile buildings but want to add greater dimension and a further level of detail to my N gauge layout. The currently mass market back scenes are either prints or quite simply not suitable for my ‘fussy’ requirements. I am currently creating a metre plus of retaining wall and wish your new option had been available in my scale long before I started..


  76. Terry Satchell says:

    How about some ultra low relief flats, terrace/tennament house backs or factories; the doors and windows on one sheet, then a facing piece that can be pasted onto a single thickness of cereal box, with cut-outs and fold overs for the apertures.

  77. Ken Tatham says:

    Sounds a good idea. I have made a few low profile terraces up, a good back scene to match would be ideal. The options sound very interesting looking forward to the out come.

  78. John Bass says:

    A great idea, go for it

  79. John says:

    I like your backscene idea. Will they be able to be scaled down to N scale?

  80. Clive Waters says:

    Hi Justin, I am interested in your backscenes with a countryside flavour. I am modelling the SDJR, so should like to see rolling hills, woods, steep cliffs, villages etc, as in the Mendips. I should also prefer the format to be in long lengths.

  81. jim says:

    hi half of my layout has back sceens so i would to see what you come up with.My backsceens have houses fixed to the backsceens giving it a 3D effect

  82. Jerry Howlett says:

    Like Geoff I model in “n” gauge and have aleady used most of the suitable available backscenes but there is always room for more. The ability to create individual scenes sounds like a great idea.

  83. Stephen says:

    I think its a brilliant idea and will certainly be after some of these.

  84. Les says:

    Hi Justin, that sounds like an interesting idea and would certainly enable a lot of different back scenes to be created. I could certainly be interested

  85. Mike says:

    Great Idea but can you do it “NOW, IF NOT SOONER” I am in need of just this kind of product at the moment.

  86. michael nuttall says:

    I like the idea of my own backround go for it regards michael

  87. Robert Foxon says:

    Love the idea of printable backscenes. I used the Townscenes ones for my own layout and they have worked very well. Some different ones that I could print of would be very welcome as I could also use them on our club layouts.

  88. William Dodd says:

    Hi Justin!
    The backscene elements are an excellent idea. Sets of ‘face-on’ buildings,etc ready to cut out and apply once printed to scale are far easier to work with than scanning in a photograph, correcting perspective and rescaling and colour matching before printing. The only problem I could see would be from producing skies, etc to be printed on a home printer. Given their vagaries it would probably be difficult to guarantee a colour match over the length and result in a lot of joins in the sky using A4 sheets. A continuous roll is the way to go providing a suitable printing house can be found to provide them at the right price. For example, I’m currently working on a Scottish harbour layout based on Drummore and produced a panoramic scene of the area to be printed at 1 foot high by 10 feet long. The price for a one off on matt photographic paper was over £190! OUCH!

  89. Barry says:

    Good idea I would certainly be interested, my new layout is about ready for some decent backscenes.

  90. John C says:

    This sounds like a great idea to me,a fresh choice of backscenes, especially if some are suitable for the more modern image layout. Keep up the good work

  91. Howard Brown says:

    I really like your idea but I need “O” scale. That of course goes for any thing including kits. Your idea seems to be very workable.

  92. john edwards says:

    sounds like a good idea,am interested

  93. Steve says:

    I am new to railway modelling and have been watching your products with great interest. I am not yet at the stage of actually using them, but plan to soon. This latest idea for back scenes is a stroke of genius giving the opportunity for complete creative individuality. I really am very impressed. This would definitely be my preferred option.
    My preferred period is 1930’s, so please, don’t forget the older buildings and structures.
    Looking forward to your next news letter

  94. David Routh says:

    I think your back scene idea is first class. If a selection of features were to be made available I could create a collage to form my back scene . This would enable me to experiment with the layout then stick into place once I was satisfied with the look .

  95. Colin Payne says:

    Sounds like a good idea. If I like the look of them and as long as the buildings look realistic enough, I may buy them. I model in N gauge though, so will you produce them in N, or would I be able to reduce them on my pc?

  96. Geoff Holland says:

    Just to say like the other modellers,just great
    keep up the good work.

  97. mike says:

    Great idea – a pick and mix back scene would be very useful

  98. JustinN says:

    Wowza! Thank you all so much for the feedback. Yes a wall was probably an odd one to start with but we were asked for a full 3d, modern brick retaining wall by a customer and as I start most designs as a 2D mock up I might as well put the idea out there using that design.

    I’ve got plans for all manner of houses, shops, car parks, factories, churches, countryside, etc etc all overlayed onto a choice blue sky, partial cloud, and overcast skies. It’s going to take quite a lot of work to get right, but I think with a bit of determination I can pull it off. The hardest bit would be handling trees and other natural features as they don’t particularly have sharp edges… so cutting those out would take some serious patience after printing. But I’ll experiment with it.

    Thanks again


  99. John Lamkin says:

    Excellent idea.

  100. David Begley says:

    I also think you’re onto something here and would certainly purchase 1950’s – 1960’s compatible scenes both in print and download format. Good luck 🙂

  101. Stephen Langridge says:

    Sounds like a good idea; I am in the early stages of building a shelf layout 12 inches deep so space is limited. Maybe with a mixture of low profile kits and a backscene I can create some depth to the layout. My overall theme is modern industrial/warehousing so walls, buildings etc could be just what I need.

  102. Peter Smith says:

    Would be a very good idea, I struggled to find alternatives to the bog standard Peco and the other popular backscenes as I wanted more variety, not just the same old buildings. I did manage to find a few by searching the internet for pictures of warehouses etc. So some new industrial backscenes would be just the job.

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