Here you can view a selection of photos that our customers have sent in showing our products in use on their layouts. If you’d like to get your layout photos featured here, simply email them into us at sales(at) and we’ll put them up, and send you a gift voucher code for a free kit that you can use when you next order.

Iain’s Low Relief Scene

Iain has bee busy working on the rear yard area of what will be his mainline station section of his layout Inverdunn. Here Iain has used a number of our download & pre-Printed Kits. Also some of our laser cut palisade fencing too. The following items used are:


Loco Roof Access Steps

Recently released LX199-OO Locomotive Access Long Ladders & LX198-OO Locomotive Access Short Ladders, seen here on one of our staff members layout – Kilbreck. The short ladders LX198-OO are designed to go on depot platforms as seen in the second photo with the class 37. The longer ladders LX199-OO designed for depots without depot platforms. The ladder kits can be found here:

John’s Truck Depot

John has been busy making a truck depot using a number of our texture sheets, including tarmac, paving & brick papers. John takes this layout around the country to exhibit at various model shows. Nice Work John.


Chris’s Country Pub

One of our most popular kits to date is the Victorian Ale House kit in OO scale. Based on the Red River Inn in Cornwall. Here Chris has built it up ready to install on his layout and has done a lovely job indeed.

David’s TT Scale Layout

David has recently returned to TT scale modelling after working on a OO scale layout. He’s opted to build a modern image layout this time as there’s more modern image stuff coming onto the market in TT scale, so he’s been rescaling our OO downloads to fantastic effect, including:

Iain’s Retaining Wall & Modern Bridge

Iain’s layout ever expanding layout has been expanded yet again and in these photos we can see the latest work he’s been doing with our Concrete & Brick Retaining Wall in OO/4mm. There’s also a lovely shot of one of Stobart’s fleet crossing our Modern Bridge.

Geoff’s N Scale Layout

Geoff has been working very hard on layout recently adding the N gauge Nissen Huts & 1930’s factory kits which fit in incredibly well indeed.

Richards Layout Progress

Richard sent in these photos showing a number of our kits in use, including Fiona’s Greasy Spoon Cafe, the Victorian Red Brick Wall and the Double Track Girder Bridge. Excellent work Richard!

Iain’s Logistics Depot Yard

Iain’s been working on a new logistics depot yard and has being trying out our new Laser Cut Road Marking Stencils to add markings to the hard standing… Here’s the results so far.

Iain’s Traction Maintenance Depot Interior

Detail makes a layout that’s for sure, and sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference. Here Iain’s used our Laser Cut Workshop Shelving, plus the tool cabinet & workbench from the Old Workshop kit to add some excellent finishing touches to his depot.

Laser Cut Wrought Iron Railings

Wrought Iron railings have been, and still are incredibly popular architectural feature of the British urban landscape, and here, Brian is using our Laser Cut OO Scale Wrought Iron Railings to great effect on his ever expanding layout. He’s chosen to paint his railings silver rather than use them in the standard black in which they’re supplied.

Plate Layers Huts Installed…

Stephen sent in the first batch of photos from Australia of our Laser Cut LNER Lineside Huts installed on his layout. I think these are the most traveled set of huts so far!

The Next Train At Platform 1 Is…

Steve’s sent in a lovely selection of photos of the Next Train Indicators that he’s installed on his modern image OO scale layout…

Car Park & Fuel Depot

Rick has been working with a number of our OO scale kits recently to create a new car park & fuel depot on his layout to great effect. You can also spot the low relief 1930’s factory in the background, plus the odd customisable road sign too.

Inspiration For Younger Modellers

John has been hard at work recently building a new Hornby Trakmat base layout for his son and has begun adding some of the finishing touches using our kits… The first one to be installed is the Corrugated Iron Fencing with Graffiti.

Country Fire Station

Inspired by Harold’s Police Station further down this page, John has turned our OO Scale Country Pub kit into a delightful country fire station. It’s a fantastic adaptation of the kit and another that I’d never imagine would be possible!

Dave’s Point Motor Housing

Surface mounted point motors are often a pain to hide from view on a layout. So Dave came up with a different use for our Electricity Sub-Station kit, instead of using expensive Hornby plastic point motor housings, and it worked a treat!

Fiona’s Cafe by Tony

This delightful scene has been created by Tony using the OO scale Roadside Cafe Kit. He’s also added other interior detail to including tables, chairs and of course a selection of figures. The bunting is also a work of art that really adds a unique touch.

Derelict Factory – O / 7mm scale

Another impressive scratch-build by Allan Downes of a derelict factory. I love scenes like this as they get your imagination flowing with ideas about what might have gone on here in the past, the business that made this its home and the story behind how the building ended up looking like it does now. For this project Allan used our TX081 Aged Red Brick Paper in O scale.

Crown Hotel – O / 7mm scale

This wonderful Crown Hotel model has been scratch-built by Allan Downes using our TX170 O scale mixed dirty red brick paper. The brick paper contrasts well with the Tudor style construction to the upper sections of the building to create a very pleasing model indeed.

Errol’s Pallets

Errol sent in this photo of a little scene he’s created on his HO scale layout incorporating our Laser Cut 4ft Pallets which are available through our other website at They really look the part on that fork lift!

Allan Downes Scratchbuilt Pub

Allan sent in these photos of a lovely O scale pub that he’s just build using our TX021 Yellow London Brick texture sheets. Very nice work Allan.

Sam’s Billboards & Pallets

There seems to a bit of a theme going on here this week! Here’s a quick shot of Sam’s modern image billboard that he’s just installed on his 4mm layout complete with a poster for his favourite tipple which he made up to fit the billboard frame! Plus a pic of a batch of our Laser Cut 4ft shipping pallets that’s he’s just assembled too.

Dave’s Billboards

Billboards are a part of everyday life these days, like them or not, and Dave chose our 48 Sheet Modern Image Billboards in OO as his first downloadable kit from range. Here’s the result… Nice job Dave!

Andy’s Brewery

Quite a few modellers have turned our Low Relief 1930’s factory into a brewery now, and here, Andy has added an entrance to the front and a very impressive clock to the roof. Plus, check out his excellent scratch-built fishing boat!

A Very Impressive Factory!

Alan has really gone to town with the N Gauge Low Relief 1930’s Factory on his new layout! The picture say it all!

Lineside Fencing

Pete has been putting our lineside fencing kits to good use on his OO scale layout. Here he’s used the 6ft Pre-cast Concrete Fencing & the Laser Cut 4ft Post & Rail Lineside Fencing to add realism to his trackside scenes.

Alan’s Canal & Coal Depot Scene

This delightful OO scale canal side scene has been created by Alan using a number of our kits and textures including the Low Relief 1930’s Factory, Nissen Huts and the Rust Corrugated Iron texture sheet for the Coal Depot roof.


Rick’s Latest Updates

Here Rick has used a number of our kits including the new Fiona’s Greasy Spoon Cafe, Pay & Display Car Park, Lock Up Garages and the new Litter detailing sheets to create some wonderfully atmospheric scenes!

Andy’s N Gauge Tents

A campsite is an ideal way to add interest to a field or hillside on a layout. Here Andy’s used our N gauge Tents kit to create a small campsite for his layout.

Geoff’s N Gauge 1930’s Factory

It’s always nice to see modellers modifying and kit bashing our designs, and here Geoff has created very impressive & imposing large factory for the back of his layout using the Low Relief 1930’s Factory in N gauge.

Phil’s Laser Cut Fencing

The first photo of the laser cut lineside fencing is in. Here Phil Parker from BRM magazine has used it in a nice little diorama for an upcoming project for the magazine.

Iain’s Car Park & Portakabins

Within hours of updating the Pay & Display Car Park Kit in OO, Iain sent in these excellent photos of it installed on his layout. He’s also been working with our really easy to build Portakabin kit too.

Dave’s Atmospheric Terraces Scene

Dave has been working with our OO Scale Terraced Houses kit to create a very atmospheric scene using a self-shot backscene of Derbyshire during a thunderstorm and also Whalley Viaduct and the scenes work brilliantly!

John’s Work In Progress Layout For His Son

John sent in these photos of layout he’s currently building for his son. Although most of the buildings are by another company he’s been putting our Self-Adhesive UK Road Markings to good use on the roads and in the station car park.

More Work In Progress Pics From Rick

Rick is making fantastic progress on his layout, working with a number of our kits OO scale kits including the Low Relief Shops, Terraced Houses, Delivery Vans and more. I love his little cameo scenes!

Customised Road Signs Used To Recreate Real-Life Road Signs

Adam has been using our Customisable Modern Road Signs kit in OO/4mm and Modern UK Road Signs in OO to recreate signs on the main road to Looe in Cornwall and I think they’ve worked a treat!

OO Scale Kits Rescaled To N

Steve’s work here is fantastic and he’s created these very detailed scenes on his layout using a mix of out N gauge kits and OO gauge kits resized to N. Keep these photos coming Steve! Can’t wait to see more of your creations.

Kits used in these scenes:

Errol’s Bow Top Fencing

Errol has put Graham’s Bow Top Fencing Kit to good use here on this new-build house scene on his German HO scale layout. It’s a really easy kit to construct but looks the part in this kind of scene.

Anyone fancy a pint?

Hazen has made an absolutely fabulous job of the N Scale Victorian Ale House / Country Pub… Need I say more? Ignore the drill though!

Corrugated Iron Fencing

Paul’s a massive diecast fan rather than a model railway enthusiast and he’s been working with a number of our kits for a while now. Here’s a couple of pics of the Corrugated Iron Fencing he’s just installed on his layout.

Alan’s Homemade Backscene

Alan has built up two of our kits here (Low Relief Large Industrial Unit End Wall & Low Relief 1930’s Factory in OO/4mm). He then photographed them and edited them to make up his very own backscene elements which he overlaid on top of a countryside image he sourced from the web! A fantastic idea for a unique backscene.

Terraced Houses

Patrick has recently completed building our Terraced Houses kit in OO scale. With the addition of extra guttering and a few little details here and there they’re looking really good indeed.

Concrete Fencing & Updating A Superquick Island Platform Building

Paul has been busy this past week installing the Precast Concrete Wall around his fuel depot & along with revamping a Superquick island platform building with our cream render & blue wooden planking papers in OO scale.

Ron’s Walls & Fencing

Our fencing and wall kits have proven invaluable for Ron over the past few weeks as he’s been making use of our Pre-Cast Concrete Fencing & 6ft Industrial Red Brick Wall & Gates. His layout is really coming on nicely now.

Gerry’s Old Workshop Scene

The Old Workshop is quite a versatile kit, with virtually unlimited uses on a layout, and here Gerry has used it to create a delightful diorama adding extra detail with the 9ft Corrugated Iron Fencing and Old Stone Wall & Gates kits.

Mike’s Club Layout

Mike has been working hard on some new buildings & structures for his OO scale club layout and it’s taking shape nicely. Here he’s making great use of a number of kits including:

Dover Transport Museum

Here’s a selection of “work in progress” photos of a new layout that’s under construction at Dover Transport Museum featuring a number of our buildings & textures. So far the Bus Depot, Water Tower & Fire Station are sitting prominently on the layout with a number of textures, billboards and other items also being installed.

Bob’s Control Panel

One of the most rewarding parts of designing the kits & textures is seeing what you guys use them for, and here Bob has come up with a brilliant solution for a stylish fascia for his point control panel. He wanted it to look like a real signal box floor, so we sent him some OO scale Rough Planking sheets (TX169) which he’s blown up to a larger scale and here’s the result!


Gerry’s Bus Depot

Here Gerry has created a lovely diorama using the OO Scale Bus Depot kit. He’s paid real attention to detail when assembling the kit and the addition of a little vegetation around the depot office helps to soften the scene perfectly.

Harold’s Rural Police Station

It’s fantastic to see you guys take our kits and turn them into something totally different than what they were designed for, and that’s exactly what Harold has done here with the Country Pub kit. He’s turned it (well two of them) into a police station complete with garage & cells!

Frank’s Workshop Diorama

These pictures have been sent in by Frank whose recently completed this diorama using our Old Workshop Kit & Old Industrial Red Brick Wall. He’s really gone to town here to create a nice and busy scene and has fitted clear plastic sections to the roof so that you can see what’s going on inside the building!

Paul’s Latest Scratch-Built Project

Here’s a few photos of Paul’s latest scratch built project. Here’s he’s used our Dressed Stone Wall texture sheet to great effect. More details on this to come.

Tetley’s Brewery By Harold

Harold has really gone to town with our Low Relief 1930’s Factory kit and it’s absolutely fantastic! He’s used a couple of prints of the kit and a bit more to create this absolutely brilliant brewery building that will fill a corner of his layout perfectly. This really has me lost for words… it’s brilliant!

Rick’s Factory, Fencing & Industrial Units

Rick has been working with a range of our kits recently and achieved excellent results with the Low Relief 1930’s Factory, 6ft Feather Edge Lineside Fencing and the Low Relief Industrial Unit End Wall kit, making use of the customised signs on those particular buildings. You can also just see the back end of one of our Delivery Van kits too!

Paul’s Girder Bridge & Low Relief Shops

Paul has been working with our Low Relief Shops and Girder Bridge in blue brick with grey metal work to create these lovely scenes on his layout. He says the girder bridge is still a work in progress but it’s taking shape really nicely indeed.

Paul’s Beach Huts & Kiosk

Paul has created a superb beach scene on his layout using our OO Scale Beach Huts & Beach Kiosk Kits, complete with lots of added detail in the form of some carefully chosen figures and further detail added in the form of real sand for the beach, and wave breakers made from coffee stirrers.

David’s Cottage Hospital

It’s nice to see a model that we designed to be one thing get completely re-purposed as something else, and that’s what David has done here… He’s turned the Victorian Ale House / Country Pub into a rather splendid Cottage Hospital. The model architecture of the pub kit suited the Cottage Hospital style building seen during many years of the 20th Century and fits on David’s layout very well. The slight adaptations he’s made are…

  • Moved outbuilding to left rear corner to allow more open access through gates, This also entailed slight changes to yard walling.
  • Painted white outbuilding area with grey ‘tarmac’ colour to make ambulance parking area.
  • PC generated signs for Cottage Hospital over front doorway and parking signs + white lining for yard parking areas.

John’s “Rum Inn”

John has customised our OO scale Victorian Ale House / Country Pub kit to include transparent windows on the ground floor and also customised the pub signs too, and it’s looking brilliant on his layout here.

Iain’s TMD Perimeter Wall

Here Iain has put our Old Industrial Brick Wall & Gates to excellent use as the perimeter wall to his TMD. We’re now working on some detailing accessories to go inside his depot building.

Steve’s Old Workshop

This Old Workshop diorama has been put together by Steve for his fathers 80th Birthday and I have to say it looks brilliant. It works really well and I love the pile of logs outside. A very nice touch indeed that gives the kit an extra finishing touch. The interior lighting works incredibly well too.

Richards Country Pub With Additions!

Here, Richard has added his own twist to our best selling Victorian Ale House & Country Pub kit to create this lovely period scene. He’s made great use of the editable pub signs as well as scratch-building his own garage too, which has given me an idea! Fantastic work Richard.

Frank’s 1930’s Factory & Modern Red Brick Wall

In these photos, Frank has made excellent use of our Low Relief 1930’s factory and the 5ft Modern Red Brick Wall kits.

Robert’s Workshop

Here Robert has built The Old Workshop as small, Heavy Haulage Depot for his layout. He took an alternative approach with the I-Beams, instead just wrapping the beam texture around strips of card and it works very well indeed. Nice work Robert.

Alan’s Workshop

The Old Workshop is quite a flexible kit, and here, Alan is using the workshop as the focus on a new Narrow Gauge layout. It’s still a work in progress but it’s looking brilliant!

Trev’s Pensbridge Exhibition Layout

Pensbridge made its debut on the exhibition scene last weekend at the Leamington & Warwick MRS show. We provided a number of modern image buildings for this along with the prototype for our forthcoming modern bridge kit and the newly released 1930’s Factory kit.

Full list of kits & textures used:

Steve’s Dressed Stone Wall & Billboards in N Gauge.

These photos have been send in by Steve from New Zealand. Here he’s made us of the N gauge Billboard kit and has rescaled the OO version of the dressed stone wall down to N gauge, and it looks fantastic!

Steve’s Modern Road Bridge

Here on Steve’s fantastic layout, you can see our OO Scale Modern Road/Rail Bridge Kit in action. He’s still adjusting the height here so the spacers need wrapping once he’s happy, but as you can see, it looks amazing!

Chris’ Decals & Road Markings

Here Chris has been putting our Self Adhesive Road Markings to good use as well as our Large Graffiti, and Rust & Corrosion Decals. They’re looking great! We’v even got our own delivery van & industrial unit now!

Steve’s Portakabins

For this application, Steve rescaled our easy-build Portakabin kits down to N scale to create this portable building sales yard on his layout.

Alan’s Layout

Alan has made good use of our OO Scale Low Relief 1930’s Factory kit on his layout, using it to replace an earlier factory building, as well adding a glazing sheet to the Victorian Ale House / Country Pub kit to give the impression of shiny glazed windows. Excellent work Alan!


Paul’s Scratch-Built Chapel

I watched this model take shape almost daily with his updates on Facebook and I think all the hard work has paid off! Paul’s scratch-built model of Rosslyn Chapel looks fantastic and makes use of our weathered dressed stone textures (TX112 & TX113) along with our Medium Stone & Light Stone Texture Papers.

Simon’s Modern Image Road Signs & Billboards

On Simon’s layout you can see our Modern Image Billboards and OO Scale Customisable Directional Modern Road Signs in action.

Stephen’s N Gauge Billboards

Stephen has been putting our N gauge Billboards Kit to good use, and he’s suggested a couple of modifications to make the kit easier to assemble in N gauge too, which we’ll applying to the kit very soon.

Ken’s Holroyd Fire Station

Ken has been busy kit-bashing our Fire Station kit, turning it into a twin bay station for his layout. Our 5ft Modern Red Brick wall kit also makes an appearance here too. He’s made a fantastic job!

Robert – L

Robert has made great use of our Low Relief North Light Factory Wall kit and Low Relief Factory kit on OO scale on his layout and has a few additional elements planned to add further detail to the scene too.

Graeme’s Coal Office

Here’s one of our Coal Office kits that’s looking great on Graeme’s Childerditch Junction all the way over in Canada.

Jerry’s N Gauge Country Pub

Here’s Jerry’s complete N gauge Victorian Ale House / Country Pub Kit all finished and ready to install on his layout. He’s also using our 1950’s / 60’s Road Signs too.

Simon’s Low Relief Modern Factory Kit

Simon bought the pre-printed version of our Low Relief Modern Factory Kit through our eBay store and really enjoyed the build. Here’s the kit installed on his layout.

Frank’s Country Pub

Frank sent in these photos all the way from down under in Australia, of the Country Pub OO scale kit he’s just finished building. Looking really good Frank!

Steve’s Layout

Steve has been busy with our new low relief industrial unit / modern factory kit, and the low relief modern offices kit in OO scale which he’s using up against the rear backscene on his layout.

Ken’s “Holroyd” Layout

Ken sent in these photos of his fictional 1960’s, East Riding Of Yorkshire based layout, Holroyd, in which he’s made excellent use of our Country Pub Kit with a few tweaks and modifications of his own. It looks fantastic!

Stuart’s Layout 

Stuart’s been building some of newest kits recently and has put the Customisable OO scale Road Signs and the Low Relief Industrial Unit End Wall to good use on his layout. Great work Stuart!

Brian’s Campsite & Beach Huts

On his layout, Brian has made good use of our Beach Huts kit in a delightful sea front scene. He’s also been working on the beginnings of a campsite using our Tents & Toilet Block kit.

George’s Layout 

Here George has built several of our N gauge Low Relief Industrial Unit End Wall kits to create an entire backscene for his new layout.

Allan’s Campsite, Victorian Wall, Factory & Fire Station

Thanks to Alan, down under in Australia for sending these photos of a selection of our kits put to good use on his layout. He’s used the Victorian Wall, Static Caravans, Frame Tents, Toilet Block, and Fire Station to build a number of excellent scenes. Great work Alan!

Alan’s Railway Inn

Thank you to Alan T over in Munich for sending in these two photos of his latest build, the Country Pub kit which he’s called “The Railway Inn”. It’s looks great on your layout there Alan and we love the little cameo scene with the chap from the brewery rolling the barrel.

Robert’s Fire Station

A big thank you to Robert for sending in these photos of the Small Town Fire Station he’s just finished building. Looks great Robert. Nice Work! Robert used the cobbled flooring and stone walls from our Victorian Ale House / Country Pub kit to build this diorama.

Allan’s Fire Station

Our Small Town / Country Fire Station has made it all the way down-under to Australia. Here’s Allan’s rather splendid model ready to be positioned on his layout.

Maurice’s OO Scale Station Yard Huts

Here Maurice used our Station Yard Huts kit to great effect creating some lovely scenes on his layout.

Maurice’s OO Scale Camp Site

Maurice used our Tents kits to create a camp site diorama for his layout.

Allan’s Ale House

A big thank you to Allan from down under in Australia, who sent in these two shots of his Victorian Ale House. Looks really nice Allan!

Robert’s Country Pub

Many thanks to Robert who sent in these pictures of the Country Pub kit. Looks great Robert 🙂 He chose to use an alternative method for creating the downpipes and chimney pots using cocktail sticks and brown “live wire” cable insulation for the pots.

Robert’s Feedback:

As promised the Victorian Ale House Kit which I bought from you last week, has now been completed. Here are a few pictures of my model. You can use these pictures to display this kit if you like. The kit is as supplied – the only differences are….
  • Drainpipes – I used cocktail sticks (coloured black using a marker pen)
  • Chimmey Pots – I used the brown (live) wire (pulled out the copper bits so that its hollow) from an old 3-core wire and cut it into small pots size and blackened the tops again using a marker pen.

Maybe someone else can use these tips. I have built many card kits beore (Superquick metcalf and nowadays Scalescenes.) This was the first one I tried from yourselves and I will defintely but more.

Many Thanks for a great kit and I look forward to building the next one.

Ben’s Using Our Locomotive Dust Covers

Find out more about Ben & his model railway antics here

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