Printing tips
Brick Papers & Textures are supplied to you in PDF (Portable Document Format) files. To be able to read PDF files you must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. This software is completely free to download available from: Brick Papers & Texture sheets have been designed to print on to A4 (210x297mm) size sheet of paper. We recommend quality matt paper (90-120gsm) or similar. Photo quality inkjet paper will give the best results, but test results on a good quality copier paper have been good too. Plus, using a lighter weight paper (standard copier paper) will make it much easier to wrap the sheets around corners etc.

Card-Modelling-Hints-and-Tips-coverDownload our FREE Card Modelling Hints & Tips Leaflet Here!

For inkjet printers, a higher quality dpi setting will give better results. Our textures are designed at 300dpi, which is an industry wide, accepted setting for printed material. Please note however that higher quality prints use more ink, so we recommend a little trial and error to get the right balance. If in doubt, we suggest printing just one page and check the results. Your printer’s software may allow you to save these settings for future prints, which is always handy.

Click to print a sample page

What will the colours be like on my printer? Why not run a test print.

Basic Printing Instructions

Step 1:

Launch Adobe Reader and then open up the texture / Brick Paper file.

Step 2:

Select ‘File’ then ‘Print’.

Step 3:

Select the printer you wish to use.

Step 4:

IMPORTANT: Print at 100%.

Ensure all page scaling, ‘Fit to page’ or similar are UNCHECKED (failure to do this may result in incorrect scaling of your texture/brick paper).

Step 5:

Select ‘Properties’, select the type of paper you are using to print your texture and then select the desired quality or ‘dpi’.

Step 6:

Save these printer settings (if available)

Step 7:

Select ‘OK’ or ‘Print’

That’s it!

19 Responses to Printing Tips

  1. Carol says:

    I am trying to download your free shed and it isn’t doing anything when I press the download button?

  2. Brian says:

    Great products on this site,hope to buy more soon.


    Brian Gray

  3. trevor says:

    I’d like to try out your free shed kit, but I don’t have a facebook account and never intend to. Why have you only made it available vis facebook? I’m sure there are 100s of modellers who never use facebook too.

    • JustinN says:

      Hi Trevor, You don’t have to be a facebook use to download the sheds. You can also get them by subscribing to our newsletter by entering your email into the box on the right of this page where it says “Free Brick Papers & More!”. They’re included for free in the zip file we send you when you subscribe.


  4. Simon says:

    Hi, have just got your old style road signs in N Gauge. I was wondering when the street signs, travel posters and advertising signs will be released in N gauge?
    Thank you

    • JustinN says:

      Hi Simon,
      We’re working on them very soon. Our to-do list is growing by the day, but we have a N scale set of the Vintage Road Signs on the go in our studio as we speak, plus street names, which again you can customise. We’re also looking at the travel posters and lots more too. We’re just working on a couple of big bridge kits at the moment, but when they’re done, we’ll get back on to all these.



  5. Steven says:

    Hi, I’ve had a look through your range and a couple of items jumped out of interest. A suggestion though, a fast food restaurant, McDonald’s….esque would be a good addition.
    Keep up the good work

    • JustinN says:

      Hi Steven, We have a fast food restaurant on our list and hope to get to is shortly. We are extremely busy in our studio working on a lot of new stuff, but will get to it as soon as possible.



  6. Paul Waymark says:

    Hi Justin

    Just starting to set up a layout in the attic, been meaning to do it for years.
    Downloaded your free pack and it looks great can’t wait to start making some stuff.
    Your website looks brilliant and I will be buying some items off you real soon.
    Keep up the fantastic work.

    Kind regards


  7. John Longbottom says:

    a little disappointed – have just bought 2 of your kits – bus depot and litter – little did I know that I needed WINZIP to unlock the file – its ironic that the kits cost me £7.00 ish and now I have to pay £25+ to be able to print the files – I did not see this anywhere in your documenetation

    • JustinN says:

      Hi John

      All our kits are supplied zipped to make them quicker to download. You can unzip them using Windows native Zip handling capability (Windows Vista onwards) or use the free utility called 7-zip from



  8. tony says:

    just downloaded two of your kits, no fuss, loaded the adobe as suggested and I am no expert by any means. The printout nto printer paper looks pretty good to me and look forward to making up the kits. Will probaly come back for more. Darn site cheaper than Metcalfe even if I have to buy some card.

  9. Dear Justin.
    Hi do you have any L plates + p plates for learner drivers ?. Also h.g..v lorry L plates + DRIVER UNDER INSTRUCTION DECALS AS NO ONE DOES THESE AT ALL .PLEASE SEE WHAT YOU COME UP WITH…Surely they would sell well….Remember me sending in the bell tent any further action on them……………….All the best from Debbie….

  10. Andrew Griffin says:

    2 questions: is it possible to pring 4mm at half size (on the printer setting) to get 2mm? And would it be possible to publish the sizes of the finished kits on your website?

    Many thanks in advance.

  11. Maurice says:

    Purchased your terrace house kit….really pleased….am using 2mm balsa rather than card. Is this an over kill?

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