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“Beautiful work! Justin your product looks incredible!” John Bristow, Deluxe Materials Ltd

“I asked Justin to modify a texture sheet to match a particular prototype, he produced superb artwork in a fantastic timescale, a real professional and a thorough pleasure to do business with, I cannot recommend this product highly enough” Jon G

“Justin, the kits look great mate! Just right I would say! If you ever decide to do any High Rise Towers, let me know! Great kit’s though…everyone should have some on their layout!” Steve W

“I think you’re new kits are excellent.  Keep up the good work.” Stuart B

“Everything went well, thank you. Well done again on a nice low relief. Haven’t yet decided where it will go but for £2.95 enterprise like yours deserves support.” Leslie N

“Thank you very much indeed. I’m impressed!” John C

“Really good kits much appreciated” Andrew T

“I too can attest to the quality of the kits, just simply outstanding buildings.” Kerry E

“Having built several of these kits – I am more than happy to share. Easy to build and very realistic. Recommend to everyone.” Robert M

“Got the fire station printed and ready to start building very nice model” Carl D

“Justin is a top bloke, his work is detailed, accurate and cost effective. I would have no hesitation in recommending buying his kits!” Trev H

“Great detail in the kits. Reasonably priced and excellent Customer Service.” Ultan B

“Very pleased with the items so far. I intend to download, very shortly; some of the signage items. The web site is very easy to use, and obviously the prices are very reasonable too! Hope to see the range develop in time, and hopefully see more railway buildings such as station, platforms, engine shed, goods shed, water tower and signal box etc.

“I model in ‘N’ gauge and have found your products most suitable keep up the good work.” Lawrence H

“Liked the walls and the terraced houses.” Bill F

“Keep up the GOOD work.” Ron

“I would have no hesitation in recommending your web site, products and services to other modellers who like to use card as a medium to model.” Maurice K

“I particularly like the sheet of different types of fences which I have used quite a lot to great effect in my layouts. Your website and its content, and all the kits are great. Keep up the good work!” Hywel T

“I think your shed collection is an excellent addition to any layout, as they’re just the kind of little detail that really makes the scenery come alive. I shall also put your brick paper to good use.

As to your site, I find it easy to navigate around. I wish you all the very best for your future endeavours.” Michael Z

“I like the idea that you pay one price for many. I also like the use of paper, It allows me to have my grand kids ages 8 to 10 years old. To print off some smaller building, for them to work on by them self with no worry. This way more younger children can get involved in Model railroading at a younger age. Can’t wait to see what the future brings us in more different styles of building and houses. Thanks for your time in bringing this style of modeling to us modelers.” Robert M

“I was hugely impressed by the quality of print and the completed product. One kit is impossible to differentiate from a craftsman kit from a small distance and receives many comments.” Richard C

“Excellent site. Easy to navigate. Can’t wait to get my layout down and start building some of the models. Keep up the good work.” Jim

“I’ve downloaded several building to use on N scale switching layout. I especially like the brick and stone textures for foundations and structures. I have lots of ideas, few of which have actually been executed! I do enjoy the planning. As with all paper modeling, if you screw up, you just reprint. The medium encourages experimentation. Thanks.” Perry

“For free downloads, they are brilliant. They make into nice little models, that do well on to bring out a layout. However, the detail is a little lacking and a bit bland, and if bought at a price comparable to some of the other models, such as the Metcalfe Range, I would have been dissapointed. In particular the Farm House model, which is great, is particularly lacking in some of the small touches that stop it looking like a model and making it look ‘real’. It needs quite a bit of work make it not stand out as a papercraft project. However, for someone new to the hobby, and (particularly useful in my case) as something for the kids to do to help, and have something they can say ‘I did that’ they were brill. And the extra ‘brick texture’ I know will find lots and lots of uses.” Paul T

“I am more than happy with your kits, they`re a good cheap way of filling your layout. you might think about producing more country buildings, cottages etc. cheers.” Alan

“The small factory which I built recently was very good, in fact, it actually looks much more realistic than your pictures on the website !!! Instructions were good and it built into a very good model, although I think I do need to cultivate a little more patience!!
I am hoping to move soon and when I do I will be building a model railway from scratch (buildings and layout etc).
Keep up the good work. Perhaps you could produce some Southern region specific models as there does not seem to be a lot around and I am planning my railway to be Southern Region in the 60’s. Thanks” Chris P

“I find your kits easy to build as they are less complex than some others I have tried (Scalescenes), and they are better detailed and more relevant to my needs than others.

I particularly like the range of models you have developed and it enables me to incorporate a mix of building styles when combined with the offerings of other manufacturers. I am planning my layout and building some models to help me visualise where everything will go. I defenitely intend to use some of your products to give me variety and looking forward to making some real progress. Keep it up!” Phil H

“Although I have bought items from your website due to a change of plans I have not yet built any of them. When I looked at them they appear to be very thoughtfully designed and I feel that I will have pleasure in making them.” Mike O

“What I like most about your kits is the price. They are on par with others I have seen and you seem to cater for the more mordern image modeller like myself. Over the coming winter months when I finally get to building my layout in the cellar (15ftx15ft) I shall be purchasing and making a lot of your kits to fill my layout. I will be sure to send you some photos of them when completed. Keep up the good work. Would like to see some modern shops or maybe a drivethrough MacDonalds.” Brian S

“I don’t really have any feedback at all- Your stuff is fine!” Roger P

“I tried the kits and they are very nice indeed the brick brick paper looks great.” James C

“I have found these Brick Sheets so Realistic. Excellent.” Anthony M

“Your products are fantastic. I have been replicating many of the Suydam and California Scale models buildings in sheet styrene and using your great brick paper to change the look of the buildings from galvanized iron to substantial brick structures. Your brick and roofing products are an excellent match for those found in the upper east and Midwest of the United States and this allows me to create buildings that fit my layout. All I use are the original kit sides as templates to cut out the sheet styrene then overlay them with your products to produce some really spectacular looking buildings. Thank you for offering these wonderful papers.” John M

“I found your site very helpful and the downloads excellent, I will keep using your site for my modelling needs.” Colin W

“Thank you Justin and Graham for you e-mail asking my opinion about your railway HO scenics. You have worked hard and very well in the home which is the first I have built. I have not started with others yet due lack of time, but I think to continue building your scenics. Very clear and easy for me to follow your instructions and the house is beatiful. Congratulations.” Rodolfo

“Just wanted you to know that I really like your buildings for HO guauge. I do model railroading with my 10 year old grandson and using your building has given him a new perspective on how to put building together. Everything is not plastic. He is learning that cutting and folding is not a quick process and some time must be taken to create a nice building. Thanks.” Mike L

Check out our customer gallery to see some inspirational pics of how our kits can be used…

300 Responses to Testimonals

  1. Chris Pettman says:

    What a great set up. Innovative ideas and brilliant products. Well done, keep up the good work

  2. Nick says:

    Great kits! Great detail! Easy to build! And not at a restrictive price. I think the best product is the customisable road signs. Brilliant! Will definitely be back! great job Justin!

  3. Meirion Jones says:

    Excellent service and first class products as always, many many thanks for the prompt service and quality of my latest purchase from you. Love the products keep up the amazing work

  4. Sid says:

    I’ve used a few of your building kits and found the textures to be very realistic. They are also easy to customize to your own needs.

  5. RoyJ says:

    Just downloaded and printed the Drystone & Flintstone Walling sheets ready for use on Thursday evening on our new club layout.

  6. John says:

    excellent new kit Justin, like the brickwork very much, don’t think I have come across it on the site for sale, I would like to order some for scratch building/ adapting your excellent kits. Keep up the good work.

  7. John Doley says:

    First class products, and a first class customer service, had problems downloading my purchase, but this was quickly resolved, cannot recommend to highly.

  8. Mike Harris says:

    Really pleased with purchase of large factory.

  9. P mick Roberts says:

    hi just to let you know pub signs downloaded perfectly,nice selection.

  10. fred says:

    many thanks for the chance to re get the kits I lost when my computer blue its top and I lost every thing. you are the only place to let me get them back for which I am grateful.

  11. David Woodward says:

    Excellent service, no problems with the download at all. Clear instructions, good quality print makes these good value for money. This kit will kick-start my new layout so I will most certainly be back for more!

  12. Colin Edwicker says:

    As always the ordering, paying and download went really smoothly.

  13. colin says:

    everything is OK the drains will look good when stuck into place

  14. Graham says:

    Hi Justin,
    just downloaded Steel Coil Wagon Loads, looks good, now time to make, everything OK.

    many thanks

  15. ray says:

    Excellent product Downloads quick and trouble free. thank you
    all the best ray

  16. m mcgarry says:

    download very good very clear instructions good quality item will use you again

  17. Clive Woosey says:

    Great service and superb models, have bough more recently and downloaded items with no problems at all. Will be buying more very soon.Thanks Justin and team. All the best Clive

  18. Dave Kerr says:

    Great kits & ordering, paying & downloading goes without a hitch. Latest purchase has been the sheet of weathered chimneys to go on half relief buildings. Very simple & quick to ‘make’, amazingly realistic in this context – & VERY economical!!

  19. Davivd Bentley says:

    Just purchased single road engine shed. Art work looks brilliant and will fit my requirements to the letter.
    And a good price as well!
    Thanks Justin.

  20. Staff McGee says:

    Very pleased with the Backscenes I ordered.Just right for the industrial look I am creating.Followed the instructions given to down load & print them myself onto 120gms paper.Managed after a few attempts, as I do not have Win Zip on my PC,so I downloaded them to “my pictures” & opened the files from there 🙂

  21. Adam Davis says:

    Fantastic little kit downloaded easily and gave me a couple of hours entertainment on a saturday evening. Looking forward to downloading my next kit.

  22. Robert Cook says:

    Downloaded without any problems,Excellent product & service. bob cook

  23. Keith says:

    Excellent quality building papers which will enhance any scratch built structures

  24. John Morrow says:

    I have just downloaded some corrogated cladding from Justin for some scratch buildingI am doing on my layout, once again another excellent product that I will be able to print of as many as I like for a bargain price, his products just keep getting better and better and his prices will not be beaten.

  25. Neil Owen says:

    Wow that was pretty easy. Saved the download to the PC and then opened it. Great looking Old Warehouse Back scene. Cannot wait to try out some buildings shortly. Thanks Justin

  26. Colin Smith says:

    As usual excellent quality the detail on these n scale shops is beautiful.
    One problem Justin, your system would not let me log in as a previous customer. All worked out OK anyway. Keep up the good work I’m in Australia and English N gauge parts are like hens teeth down here.

  27. Thore Miessen says:

    These kits are just great for folks like me who aren’t into model railroads but into building braille scale military dioramas and who are also tired of creating the umpteenth battlefield scene.
    Just downloaded the 1930s factory and the carriage shed and I’m blown away by the detail and quality of the kit. Will deffo post some pics once I’ve finished what’s on my mind with these fantastic kist.

  28. bostindave says:

    Only downloaded 1930’s factory, so far,for a backdrop to an industrial shunting plank.Very pleased with the customer service and item .Thanks very ,much.

  29. Martin Sansum says:

    The light pavement I have just downloaded looks great and should match well with some existing paving on one of the club layouts, it’s such a help to be able to download such a product and at such a reasonable price, I can only image the amount of time it must have taken to prepare.

  30. Alan says:

    Download went smoothly – product perfect.

  31. Nabeel Sharief says:

    The free item that I’ve downloaded from your site is very nice and get excited to build.

    And guess what, I’ve purchased some of your model a while ago

    The transaction and download link went everything smooth. Yet another model to be build

    Thanks and keep it up

    I hope you got more model house kit to be sell

    Best Regards,

    – Nabs (Philippines)

  32. Stanley Bolton says:

    fantastic quality product downloaded and printed now just awaiting to build it ,Will be buying more of your fantastic kits many thanks

  33. Stuart says:

    Really pleased with the fuel tanks kit. It is exactly what I need to complete my bus depot diorama. Having had a couple of your kits in the past I know how well this one will turn out. Stu

  34. keith says:

    Hi Justin, Everything downloaded first time and looks great. I have had lots of your laser cut fencing before but this is the first time i have tried the download. Excellent as ever!

  35. N Wood says:

    Fantastic website; superb products. Keep up the good work!

  36. Steven Lewis says:

    In the last couple of weeks I have ordered several diecast vehicles including the fire engine with flashing lights (which was on back order but delivered in 3 days!!), the 400mm bowstring bridge, several card kits and download kits. All delivered very fast and extremely well packaged. Currently in the process of building a 600mm bridge using the bowstring and kitbashing the modern concrete bridge. It will be fitted with working street lights and planning on having a car crash “set scene” in place to utilise the police car, fire engine and ambulance. Will send you some pictures when its all done! Well Done Justin – top service and quality and why you are m preferred supplier of bits. Also ordered my layout nameplate from you quite a while ago too – the laser cut products are amazing.

  37. Terry Plaw says:

    Since buying your products I’ve not looked back, great products. I am currently making a WWII army camp, any chance of sheets of camouflaged walls and roofs like those in your aifield/military huts to allow larger scratch built buildings.

  38. Ken Ingleton says:

    My first downloads. So easy and great service. Look forward to building many more.
    Good luck with a great business and congratulations for your future wedding.

  39. Doug Coster says:

    I have been posting pictures of my buses recently, just using a printed backscene and some 2D building flats. Folks thinks there are looking at a full layout !!!! When I actually put together some of the walls and buildings, it will even look better. The variety of buildings are good and textures are very realistic. And I like some of the little quirky things, like someone peeping out from a window with Venetian blind, and a cat sitting on a window ledge. Just waiting for something naughty to be shown thru a half open window 😉

  40. Pete Collings says:

    Have made sheds and summer houses, billboards and the full campsite all look superb. Just bought the country pub, the walls and a back scene all downloaded without any problems. Great stuff keep them coming.

  41. Chris Godsell says:

    Excellent from start to finish. From ordering to downloading and printing off. The scenery is very well detailed and is very well priced. It all went very smoothly and i now have what i need to complete a model diorama.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work

  42. Pierre Meyer says:

    Hi Justin I have bought a lot of the kits what can i say the bug bite me thanks i like what i see, one question your modern 48 sheet Billboards, does it mean that there is 48 billboard posters? i only received 12. just asking.

    • Iain says:

      Hi Pierre, 12 is correct. kit builds two 48 sheet size billboards which can either be wall mounted or floor standing, and includes a FREE sheet of 12 modern image posters.


  43. PeterBratt says:

    I have just downloaded a couple of buildings and ordering them was easy. I can now print out and construct as many buildings as i want, even allowing for any mistakes that i may make in constructing them. Good value for money.

  44. Noel Adams says:

    Thanks Justin – a great print and perfect service as always!

  45. Kevin says:

    What a fantastic and personal company to deal with. Prompt emails asking if everything is ok and a great product that I can have instantly. It’s the tiny details that bring a model railway to life and you certainly deliver on that. Thanks for the Irish road signs, wherever else would you be able to find those for a layout. Brilliant.

  46. Neil Allan says:

    1st order downloaded without a hitch. Great looking kit and very clear picture instructions.

  47. Michael Lay says:

    As usual the order and payment was processed and the download received within minutes. The instructions and quality of the prints is to the expected excellent standard, as always.

  48. Chris Hall says:

    Very easy to download,great product,well designed,good back up service if needed.

  49. david says:

    Everything about the transaction went smoothly as usual

  50. Tony Rush says:

    As with all your products, swift dispatch and quality items. Its a pleasure to do Business with you.
    thank you.

  51. Harry Downie says:

    Thank you for the great download. Walls look great, no problems downloading. Good seller. With instant response. Will use again.

  52. Tom says:

    excellent service good clear instructions for assembling model I purchased, can’t wait till it all drys onto board and I can start assembling.

  53. Roy Ware says:

    as per usual very quick service and great product

  54. Alex Morgan says:

    Great customer service to check receipt of download and all was working. Wonderful selection of kits, too, which are so realistic – hours of enjoyment to be had.

  55. Kieran parkinson says:

    Just downloaded some kits today and i think they are great value and very high in detail, To say i only found this website last week. Its a pleasure to do business with you.
    Thank you

  56. Barbara BREAKWELL says:

    Hi I have just downloaded various brick papers etc and all went well ,a great system even for an oldie like me!have already used your fencing and gates to brilliant effect
    many thanks, Barbara B..

  57. Robert Scott says:

    Very quick service and the downloading went without a problem. The Cotswold Open Farmland Backscene looks fantastic, the Terraced Houses look three dimensional and look really great.
    Thank You

  58. John Painter says:

    I have just printed out the items I have downloaded and they are perfect, (signs and posters). Thank you.

  59. Lesley Cox says:

    Really pleased with my downloads and with the free items I received through my subscription. Would recommend to anyone. Thanks

  60. David Munroe says:

    I bought a selection of kits, both 00 and N, since they covered areas not available in T-gauge at the moment. Since they are in .pdf format it is just so easy for me to re-scale them using PDF Lite. I am looking forward to having the campsite finished quite soon, and the large pub. And in the words of Arnie, “I’ll be back!”

  61. robin hallam says:

    just downloaded the brick and wall sheets I brought yesterday. most happy with the look of the product. A very simple and painless process to date. the way things should be.

  62. william Alec Lankester says:

    Many purchases made with justin never any issues including posted items downloads work just fine just great items at good prices easy to navigate pages what more can i say o ye brill company.thanks for what you do for us modelers.

  63. Mick Purchase says:

    Many thanks all went well and excellent for “N” scale. A fine resource and excellent value for money.
    Shall definitely be buying more. Highly recommended.

  64. Alan says:

    First time I’ve used your product. Download was easy, as was the construction. Very pleased with outcome.

  65. william Alec Lankester says:

    As always textures are spot on , never issues with downloads or any thing to be frank ,very easy to navigate the pages and site as a whole.i have started the bridge the second one i have bought first was the concrete one second the girder one.impress with detail and ease of instructions,as always with Justin’s kits once you have completed one doing same again is so simple ,the girder bridge will probably end up being around 4 .keep up the awesome work love your kits and papers.one thing i would love to see is card for sale saves going all over to get some like e bay and amazon.plus maybe one day tarmac card,just ideas.
    thanks Justin and the team

  66. Ian Fox says:

    I have nothing but praise for the excellence of your products. Friends are amazed to discover that the walls, fences and buildings on my railway layout are made from paper and card, such is their realism. Clearly a lot of thought goes into their design, and they are fun to make. Many thanks.

  67. Colin Bowskill says:

    Many thanks, Downloaded ok, Not had time to print out yet, but very pleased when I opened the PDF file to find just what needed for my inland harbour scene, congratulations on the clear detail. Colin

  68. Paul Robinson says:

    Just had some items delivered, Top quality and top service again, also hassle free downloaded kits,
    I shall be buying again `n again….:)

  69. Keith Dutton says:

    Changed to N gauge and Justin’s fence kits are the bees knees – but I decided I also need to build some dry stone wall – Justin had the very thing. Downloaded with ease – high quality as usual!

  70. Gary Burcombe says:

    Previously made the victorian pub in N gauge, lovely model! Wanted somne items in the oo range that aren’t available in N, so ordered the bus shelter and 6ft old stone wall and gates. Reduced them both down to N, but decided that I wanted an 8ft wall, so I did some maths and got a sclae 8ft wall. Bus shelters are finished and I have a lot of wall components ready to fix to my layout. They all look good, thanks, Gary

  71. Andy Vance says:

    The PDF was received within a few seconds of making payment.
    I have done a test print of it which looks great and will be using it on one of my buildings very soon.
    Great service, Thank you.

  72. Hairy Scotsman says:

    Just stumbled across your website – wow! So much stuff that I’ve been looking elsewhere for, without success. Haven’t put scalpel to paper yet but the .pdf’s look fantastic – can’t wait to get started. I notice that you include very little in the way of actual railway buildings. I’m looking for a goods shed that I can adapt for my non-standard setup. (Forgot the old adage, “Measure twice – cut once”! Any chance you might consider extending your range?

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