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A set of 4 x A4 sheets (210mm x 297mm) of photo-realistic, professionally illustrated modern industrial unit backscene components, enabling you to quickly and easily add a modern industrial estate to an existing backscene.

Each factory element is approx 252mm wide, giving a total length of over 1m when all four sections are used together. These individual backscene elements are designed to enable the railway modeller and diecast collector to quickly and easily create a unique & original backscene for their model railway layout or customise and enhance and existing backscene.

Each element can be quickly downloaded, printed out, then trimmed to sizeand glued into position on a suitable backscene former such as a sheet of hardboard, plywood or MDF cut at the size you need.Find a reputable London mdf supplier for your building materials. . Compatible with all OO scale model railway and 1:76 diecast vehicle brands.


Supplied as a download and print Adobe PDF file (zipped for speed and ease of delivery).Fully compatible with all model railway brands & buildings. Download this backscene element instantly now!


Product Gallery

1930’s Factory Backscene Element – BX006 – OO/4mm/1:76 – £1.99

For the pre-printed version of this backscene element sheet, click here.


Click here for the pre-printed version

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