BRM-LogoHere you can download the Free Engine Shed Office Kit as featured in the January, February, March & April 2016 issues of BRM Magazine. The kit has been divided into parts which will be released as each issue of the magazine hits the shelves in your newsagents. Throughout the course of the project we shall also be releasing a number of additional, optional upgrade kits which you may use to add further detail to your build as you go.

The kit is based on a prototypical general purpose railway building often scene in the vicinity of engine sheds, either as offices for the shed management or as the home for various small businesses such as coal merchants etc.

Pre-printed Glazing Sheets Now Available To Order

At last, the pre-printed glazing sheets for the engine shed office are now available to order. Apologies for the delay, the printer took longer to arrive than we’d planned! Click here to view the available glazing sheets on our Scale Model Scenery site.


Engine Shed Office Kit – Part 4 Downloads

Optional Interior Walls – Downloads

Engine Shed Office Kit – Part 3 Downloads

Engine Shed Office Kit – Part 2 Downloads

Engine Shed Office Kit – Part 1 Downloads

*O Scale version requires large format printer due to component size.

For alternative Zipped versions, please click the links below:
OO Scale | N Scale | O Scale

Optional Upgrades

Super-Detailed Kit
For the demanding & experienced modellers that like more detail & no visible cut card edges, we are also developing a “Craftsman’s” version of the kit. Part 1 is scheduled for release early 2016. This will feature thicker walls, interior wall detail, recessed exterior brick sections and more.

Laser cut window & doors – Available early January 2016
Ideal for anyone wishing to fit glazed windows to their build. The laser cut windows will be available in all three scales, cut from Laserboard, and can be painted in the colour of your choice prior to installation. A combination of engraving and layered construction will offer a superb level of realism.

Interior Detailing – Available January 2016
A selection of wall finishes, interior doors & furniture will be available mid January to help you add interior detail. These will be a combination of laser cut & downloadable items.

Additional Fencing & Paving Textures – February 2016

Throughout February, we’ll be introducing some additional fencing, paving & roadway options for detailing the area surrounding the Engine Shed Office building.


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