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From: Justin Noble, Product Manager, Model Railway Scenery.
To: OO/HO Gauge Railway Modellers

As the Autumn/Winter modelling season for 2012 is approaching very quickly indeed, we thought we’d kick things off in style with an exclusive One Time Offer for subscribers & existing customers only! We’ve bundled up every single kit and texture paper Graham and I have ever created (yes… including a ton of them that aren’t even on the main site yet) and cramed them all onto one fantastic DVD! It’s our Model Railway Scenery Platinum Collection!

This jam packed DVD ROM contains every kit and texture paper we’ve produced to date in OO/HO Gauge! That’s over 140 amazingly realistic model railway scenery products on one low priced disk!

140+ Top Quality Kits, Signs & Texture Papers on 1 DVD ROM!

We searched our hard drives for as many kits and papers as we could possibly find, and here we are… Just look at all the OO & HO printable Model Railway goodies this disk contains:

Building Kits

  • Rural Halt Station With Platform, Kiosk & Accessories
  • 2 and 6 Bay Lock-Up Garages in up to four different finishes
  • Fish & Chip Shop
  • Corner Shop
  • Factory
  • Large Factory
  • Industrial Unit
  • Terraced Houses
  • Low Relief Terraced House (fronts)
  • Low Relief Terraced House (backs)
  • Low Relief Shop Fronts
  • Site Office/Portakabin and many more
  • Pay & Display Car Park
  • Bungalow
  • Carriage Shed
  • Girder Bridge
  • Tram Depot
  • Large Industrial Unit
  • Small Engine Shed
  • Garden Sheds – 6 Designs

Our New Rural Halt Station Kit With Platform!

Fencing & Walling

  • Fancy Pale Fencing – 2 designs
  • Fancy White Fencing – 2 designs
  • Garden Fencing – 2 designs
  • Lattice Fencing
  • Red Cedar Wood Fencing
  • Bow Top Wooden Fencing
  • Wavy Top Wooden Fencing
  • White Lattice Fencing
  • Tall Panelled Fencing
  • Regular Wood Panelled Fencing
  • Concrete Walling
  • 4′ Wooden Fencing
  • 5′ Wooden Fencing
  • Bow Top Fencing
  • Concave Top Wooden Fencing
  • Fancy Top Brick Garden Wall With Gates
  • Pale Brick Garden Wall
  • 6′ Brick Wall
  • 6′ Dark Brick Wall
  • 6′ Brown Brick Wall
  • 6′ Grey Brick Wall
  • 6′ Assorted Brick Wall
  • 6′ White Painted Brick Wall
  • Dry Stone Walling
Layout Detailing & Accessories
  • 20 Foot Containers
  • Manhole Covers & Drain Grids
  • Recycling Bins
  • Rubbish Skips
  • Vending Machines
  • Lorry & Wagon Loads: Cable Drums, Palettes and more

Signs & Posters

  • Assorted Vintage Advertising Signs
  • Assorted Railway Posters
  • Bus Stop Signs
  • GWR Railway Posters
  • LMS Railway Posters
  • LNER Posters
  • SR Railway Posters
  • Modern Advertising Posters
  • Pub Signs
  • Assorted Railway Posters
  • Estate Agents For Sale Signs
  • UK Road Signs
  • Assorted Workplace Signs

Texture Papers (For walls, paving, roofing and more)

  • 20″ x 10″ Red Flagstone Flooring
  • Aged Brown Brick
  • Aged Red Brick
  • Assorted Red Brick
  • Blue Painted Render
  • Cream Render
  • Fan Style Pavement
  • Fancy Grey Roofing Slates
  • Assorted Slabs
  • Weathered Slabs
  • Formal Paving
  • Grey Breeze Blocks
  • Herringbone Flooring
  • Indented Concrete Slabs – 2 designs
  • Irregular Paving
  • Large Dirty Grey Blocks
  • Large Dirty Brown Blocks
  • Multi-coloured Floor Slabs
  • Large Pale Concrete Blocks – 2 designs
  • Large Pale Grey Floor Flags
  • Large Red Industrial Blocks
  • Large Brown/Red Industrial Blocks
  • Large Ribbed Industrial Blocks
  • Large Slate Floor Flags
  • Light Green Painted Render
  • Light Grey Concrete
  • Light Grey Render
  • Light Roof Slates
  • Medium Aged Brown Industrial Blocks
  • Medium Red Industrial Blocks – 2 designs
  • Modern Light Wall Blocks
  • Old English Bond Red Brick
  • Old Grey Roof Slates
  • Peeling Paint On Mixed Brick
  • Rough Brick
  • Rough Concrete Slabs
  • Rough Grey Flooring
  • Rough Tan Flooring
  • Stone Walling
  • Stretcher Bond Red Brick
  • Reclaimed Victorian Brick
  • Old Industrial Brick
  • Light Stone Walling
  • Orange Red Brick
  • Industrial Brick With Black Mortar
  • Dry Stone Walling – 2 Designs
  • Pointed Stone Walling
  • Grey Block
  • Dirty White Brick
  • Modern Red Brick
  • Yellow London Brick
  • Modern Grey/Black Brick
  • Blue Engineering Brick
  • Weathered Copper Roofing
  • Corrugated Iron Roofing
  • Weathered Slates Roofing
  • New Grey Slate Roofing
  • Grey Clay Roofing Tiles
  • Red Clay Roofing Tiles
  • 2′ Grey Flagstone Flooring
  • Weathered Wooden Decking
  • Cobbles
  • Newly Laid Asphalt
  • Concrete Slabs With Weeds
  • Granite Paving
  • Offset Concrete Paving

Plus much much more too!

That’s a heck of a lot of stuff for your railway! Check out this small selection of samples…

Unlimited Prints! Our Kits Last A Lifetime!

Our kits and texture papers are supplied in the universal Adobe PDF format to enable to you print as many copies of them as you like for your own personal use! That means you only need to buy each kit once and you can print them off on your colour inkjet or laser printer over and over again, saving you £££’s over buying traditional card kits.

Are They Suitable For International Modellers?

Yes of course! Although our kits are based predominantly on UK building architecture, most of them can be tweaked and customized for any model railway layout. The brick, roofing and paving textures are 100% universal, as are the walling and fencing, vending machines, containers, refuse skips and more too! So, even if some of the kits aren’t a direct fit for your layout, you’ll still be saving £’s over buying the items separately from our main website that we improve by getting more audience, just by using a SEO company online to help us optimize our site for this.

What If I’ve Already Purchased Some Of Your Kits?

That’s a perfectly valid question! We’ve priced this at a crazy one-time price, so even if you’ve purchased over 50 different products from us over the past couple of years, you’re still going to save £££’s!

Easy To Assemble, But High on Detail

Our kits are designed with the intermediate and beginner railway modeller in mind. Each kits is designed and thoroughly tested to make sure it’s as easy as possible for a railway modeller with even just the basic skills under his/her belt to achieve top quality results, quickly and easily. All you need to build any of our kits is:

  • PC or Apple Mac computer with the Free Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed*
  • Colour Inkjet or Laser printer*
  • 200 to 250gsm white card*
  • Scissors*
  • Craft Knife*
  • PVA or UHU Glue*

*note, these items are not included with this DVD.

Products On This DVD Are Worth Over £280 When Purchased Individually! Save £££’s Today!

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Thanks, Justin.

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