We’re often asked the question “Is it possible to scale this kit down to N gauge, or up to O scale?”, and the answer is usually yes, providing you follow certain rules…

If you’re scaling up (making something bigger)…

  • there will be a loss of quality (albeit often only slight)
  • you’ll need to use thicker card than specified… so if 0.7mm card is recommended for OO you’ll probably need 1mm or slightly thicker for O scale

If you’re scaling down (making something smaller)…

  • you’ll need to use thinner card than specified… so if so if 0.7mm card is recommended for OO you’ll probably need 0.5mm for N gauge
  • parts that are fiddly to assemble in OO scale are going to take a lot of patience to make up in N

There’s also the question of Percentages too…

“What percentage should I print out this kit to make in N gauge?”… To make things easy, we have a scale calculator on our sister website, Scale Model Scenery, which can calculate the scaling percentage for you.


Click for a preview screenshot

Calculating Scale Distances & Measurement – Scale Calculator Spreadsheet

If you’re scratch-building or measuring out areas on your layout it’s often handy to have a reference tool that you can quickly use to calculate distances etc, and this rather excellent spreadsheet was sent in by one of our customers. It’s ideal for use as a PC based reference, or you can set it to your scale of choice and print it out and pop it up on the wall in your railway room or hobby room. Click Here to download the Excel spreadsheet (.xls file compressed into a .zip).

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