OO Gauge Platform By Simon

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“Beautiful work! Justin your product looks incredible!” John Bristow, Deluxe Materials Ltd

“I asked Justin to modify a texture sheet to match a particular prototype, he produced superb artwork in a fantastic timescale, a real professional and a thorough pleasure to do business with, I cannot recommend this product highly enough” Jon G

“Justin, the kits look great mate! Just right I would say! If you ever decide to do any High Rise Towers, let me know! Great kit’s though…everyone should have some on their layout!” Steve W

“I think you’re new kits are excellent.  Keep up the good work.” Stuart B

“Everything went well, thank you. Well done again on a nice low relief. Haven’t yet decided where it will go but for £2.95 enterprise like yours deserves support.” Leslie N

“Thank you very much indeed. I’m impressed!” John C

“Really good kits much appreciated” Andrew T

“I too can attest to the quality of the kits, just simply outstanding buildings.” Kerry E

“Having built several of these kits – I am more than happy to share. Easy to build and very realistic. Recommend to everyone.” Robert M

“Got the fire station printed and ready to start building very nice model” Carl D

“Justin is a top bloke, his work is detailed, accurate and cost effective. I would have no hesitation in recommending buying his kits!” Trev H

“Great detail in the kits. Reasonably priced and excellent Customer Service.” Ultan B

“Very pleased with the items so far. I intend to download, very shortly; some of the signage items. The web site is very easy to use, and obviously the prices are very reasonable too! Hope to see the range develop in time, and hopefully see more railway buildings such as station, platforms, engine shed, goods shed, water tower and signal box etc.

“I model in ‘N’ gauge and have found your products most suitable keep up the good work.” Lawrence H

“Liked the walls and the terraced houses.” Bill F

“Keep up the GOOD work.” Ron

“I would have no hesitation in recommending your web site, products and services to other modellers who like to use card as a medium to model.” Maurice K

“I particularly like the sheet of different types of fences which I have used quite a lot to great effect in my layouts. Your website and its content, and all the kits are great. Keep up the good work!” Hywel T

“I think your shed collection is an excellent addition to any layout, as they’re just the kind of little detail that really makes the scenery come alive. I shall also put your brick paper to good use.

As to your site, I find it easy to navigate around. I wish you all the very best for your future endeavours.” Michael Z

“I like the idea that you pay one price for many. I also like the use of paper, It allows me to have my grand kids ages 8 to 10 years old. To print off some smaller building, for them to work on by them self with no worry. This way more younger children can get involved in Model railroading at a younger age. Can’t wait to see what the future brings us in more different styles of building and houses. Thanks for your time in bringing this style of modeling to us modelers.” Robert M

“I was hugely impressed by the quality of print and the completed product. One kit is impossible to differentiate from a craftsman kit from a small distance and receives many comments.” Richard C

“Excellent site. Easy to navigate. Can’t wait to get my layout down and start building some of the models. Keep up the good work.” Jim

“I’ve downloaded several building to use on N scale switching layout. I especially like the brick and stone textures for foundations and structures. I have lots of ideas, few of which have actually been executed! I do enjoy the planning. As with all paper modeling, if you screw up, you just reprint. The medium encourages experimentation. Thanks.” Perry

“For free downloads, they are brilliant. They make into nice little models, that do well on to bring out a layout. However, the detail is a little lacking and a bit bland, and if bought at a price comparable to some of the other models, such as the Metcalfe Range, I would have been dissapointed. In particular the Farm House model, which is great, is particularly lacking in some of the small touches that stop it looking like a model and making it look ‘real’. It needs quite a bit of work make it not stand out as a papercraft project. However, for someone new to the hobby, and (particularly useful in my case) as something for the kids to do to help, and have something they can say ‘I did that’ they were brill. And the extra ‘brick texture’ I know will find lots and lots of uses.” Paul T

“I am more than happy with your kits, they`re a good cheap way of filling your layout. you might think about producing more country buildings, cottages etc. cheers.” Alan

“The small factory which I built recently was very good, in fact, it actually looks much more realistic than your pictures on the website !!! Instructions were good and it built into a very good model, although I think I do need to cultivate a little more patience!!
I am hoping to move soon and when I do I will be building a model railway from scratch (buildings and layout etc).
Keep up the good work. Perhaps you could produce some Southern region specific models as there does not seem to be a lot around and I am planning my railway to be Southern Region in the 60’s. Thanks” Chris P

“I find your kits easy to build as they are less complex than some others I have tried (Scalescenes), and they are better detailed and more relevant to my needs than others.

I particularly like the range of models you have developed and it enables me to incorporate a mix of building styles when combined with the offerings of other manufacturers. I am planning my layout and building some models to help me visualise where everything will go. I defenitely intend to use some of your products to give me variety and looking forward to making some real progress. Keep it up!” Phil H

“Although I have bought items from your website due to a change of plans I have not yet built any of them. When I looked at them they appear to be very thoughtfully designed and I feel that I will have pleasure in making them.” Mike O

“What I like most about your kits is the price. They are on par with others I have seen and you seem to cater for the more mordern image modeller like myself. Over the coming winter months when I finally get to building my layout in the cellar (15ftx15ft) I shall be purchasing and making a lot of your kits to fill my layout. I will be sure to send you some photos of them when completed. Keep up the good work. Would like to see some modern shops or maybe a drivethrough MacDonalds.” Brian S

“I don’t really have any feedback at all- Your stuff is fine!” Roger P

“I tried the kits and they are very nice indeed the brick brick paper looks great.” James C

“I have found these Brick Sheets so Realistic. Excellent.” Anthony M

“Your products are fantastic. I have been replicating many of the Suydam and California Scale models buildings in sheet styrene and using your great brick paper to change the look of the buildings from galvanized iron to substantial brick structures. Your brick and roofing products are an excellent match for those found in the upper east and Midwest of the United States and this allows me to create buildings that fit my layout. All I use are the original kit sides as templates to cut out the sheet styrene then overlay them with your products to produce some really spectacular looking buildings. Thank you for offering these wonderful papers.” John M

“I found your site very helpful and the downloads excellent, I will keep using your site for my modelling needs.” Colin W

“Thank you Justin and Graham for you e-mail asking my opinion about your railway HO scenics. You have worked hard and very well in the home which is the first I have built. I have not started with others yet due lack of time, but I think to continue building your scenics. Very clear and easy for me to follow your instructions and the house is beatiful. Congratulations.” Rodolfo

“Just wanted you to know that I really like your buildings for HO guauge. I do model railroading with my 10 year old grandson and using your building has given him a new perspective on how to put building together. Everything is not plastic. He is learning that cutting and folding is not a quick process and some time must be taken to create a nice building. Thanks.” Mike L

Check out our customer gallery to see some inspirational pics of how our kits can be used…

342 Responses to Testimonals

  1. George says:

    Just a very quick note of thanks for your prompt replies and assistance, I feel a valued customer which today is such a rare feeling. I am delighted to have found your website, the products you have are good quality and not “run of the mill” making my layout that little bit more unique. I look forward to buying from you again soon and will certainly be looking forward to new releases announced via your email updates. Thank you again, all the best!

  2. Troy German says:

    I have been buying models from here for about two years now and what a difference it makes to an already expensive hobby. The level of detail is unsurpassed and simple instructions are so easy to follow.

    For me it’s one of the best sites for more than just scenery and deserves a trophy for their contribution to railway modelling.

  3. Simon says:

    Really pleased with my 00 gauge low relief factory kit some much detail on these a real value for money item looks great on my layout so much so I have more on order!
    Cheers simon

  4. John R Church says:

    No problems with the down load as always spot on , again a nice kit of the low relief factory,
    The best kit to date is the pub , have not had time to build up it up only just recovering from a major operation , so will be some time before I start modelling , Justin any chance of a Gas Works kit in the same vain as the pub, it would be a big project to undertake , but I it would work.

    Regards JRC

    • JustinN says:

      Thank you John! We have plans to tackle a Gas Works yes. The only stumbling block is the ladders round the gasometers, but I have a few ideas up my sleeve!

  5. Barry says:

    Think your card items in N gauge are really great and love the road signs that can be edited to put in new place names etc.
    Best regards Barry.

  6. Having purchased a couple of all sets I thought you’d like to see them in situ on my 3 rail layout. I’ve used them to separate a private oil refinery from the mainline. They look the part and the colouring is first rate. many thanks. You can see in more detail what I did here on my web site:


  7. Justin,
    Aha, (you’ve discovered I’m really an O gauge modeller), I haven’t tried up scaling them yet they work well on the 00 gauge layout, but I’ll give it a try and let you know how I go on.

  8. Justin,
    I have just noticed comments on gas works. I have some freely available plans for several different types of paper model gas sites including a French one. They look to me to be in ‘N’ gauge and I’m happy to let you have copies to work with. I based my large O gauge gas factory on my big layout on bits of them. Email me and I can let you have them.

  9. Troy German says:

    I raise my hat to Justin (and his team) for pushing the boundaries of just what is achievable with paper. From tents to multi storage buildings, signs, old and new. He has worked so hard to make deadlines he seems to sleep on the job. Now with the addition of a bridge that can carry trains he has poured more air into the envelope. In one word FANTASTIC.

  10. Meirion says:

    Thanks Justin I have bought a few kits from your site now but only built one of them to date, as I am just starting construction of my layout the girder bridge kit I purchased from you a short while ago has been built and one of them is in position now and waiting to have the track laid on top of it, looking good by the way even if I do say so myself, the detail on all of your building models is great and I cant wait to build all the ones that I have from you and put them into place on the layout trouble is work gets in the way of my free time far too much at the moment, anyway absolutely excellent products keep up the great work that you do

  11. Patrick says:

    Have recently found your site & dowloaded a couple of items-no problems.
    Realistic detail in the brick/stonework & I will be returning as soon as current download
    is completed.
    Highly recommended!*****
    Patrick L.

  12. Geoff Holland says:

    Hi Justin
    The kit download ok. Had a lot of your kits & made a few & they are very good to make
    still have some to do yet. They are just great to make & look great when made.
    Excellent Keep them coming.

  13. Simon says:

    Yep, totally agree, these are great, I have just downloaded the signs and will be printing and making them over the weekend to go onto my layout.
    Products like this = one happy chappy here

  14. Rob Hare says:

    Thankyou for the Billboards they were spot on totally superb quality I will be making further purchases in the future, your products & speed of service cannot be faulted.
    Rob Hare

  15. Meirion Jones says:

    No problem with the download and as always a very rapid service from you cant wait to start building the latest purchases from you, I have printed one out and it looks really great well detailed and I cant wait to build it and place it on the layout
    Thanks once again for a great service and efficient delivery

  16. Michael Scott says:

    Excellent kits and texture sheets, and a big, big thank you to Justin for being so approachable and helpful. I love the modified pink stone texture sheet, which is exactly what I was looking for. Brilliant!

  17. Tony Batt says:

    Have been using the four self adhesive road markings sheets for a few weeks now, and they are absolutely brilliant. Perfect in detail, wide choice of markings and very easy to work with. Have previously used several paving sheets and have just downloaded the drain covers sheet. Very impressed with them all. Many thanks.

  18. Robert Terry says:

    Thanks for the downloads, the details on them is superb, especially the GWR posters and enamel signs, and I look forward to using them on the layout.

    A very easy site to use and the downloads are excellent and I look forward to visiting again in the near future.

  19. Dave B says:

    Great stuff easy to put together more stuff in N gauge please keep up the good work

  20. Ronnie says:

    Just downloaded my first kits, looks great and can’t wait to get started building, many thanks, regards, Ronnie.

  21. Ian Degville-Thompson says:

    Downloads quick and trouble free. Excellent product. I will certainly be buying more.

  22. Geoff Medland says:

    The download was easy and I printed out one of each straight away.
    They look good, now all I’ve got to do is make them and put on my layout!

  23. DavidJ says:

    Great kits with fantastic service. Even though I am in Oz the delivery is awesome. Feedback good. Keep up the good work, I am enjoying the range of kits available.

  24. Dennis says:

    Downloaded without any problems, excellent product & service, Thanks.

  25. Michaela Rollins says:

    Very good service. Downloaded with no problems. Will now be able to fit numberplates to the buses in my model fleets and to other vehicles too.

    • JustinN says:

      Thanks Michaela. We’d love to see some photos of your fleet once the registrations have been installed 🙂

  26. BrianP says:

    Very clear website, the whole purchase process worked brilliantly and I am very pleased with the stone brick wall sheet that I will use inside a tunnel portal.

  27. J F Allan says:

    Downloaded with no problems. Thanks very much. Great product great service. Will use again.

  28. Mike says:

    I always enjoy building your kits. The service is excellent too. I also appreciate your willingness to produce a requested item. Some small O scale buildings would be good! ( hint,hint )

  29. Tim Stevens says:

    Excellent detail, very realistic. All the products downloaded easily without any problems. I’m looking forward to seeing them in place on my model railway. Many thanks!

  30. Raymond says:

    Items downloaded will shortly be printed, have been here before for 00 buildings but now moved to a smaller home and having to do n gauge now so will be back for more in very near future.Hope you can increase your n gauge stock would love a larger choice

  31. Anthony Morris says:

    Perfect and Quick Downloadable Links . Printed Clear and as Bright as Stated . Very Happy.

  32. John Kavanagh says:

    Just got back into making model layouts after forty years. Justin’s kits are a brilliant introduction. His friendly service is very much appreciated. Hoping that he can be persuaded to produce some interesting WW11 airfield buildings in future. Cheers Justin.

    • JustinN says:

      Thanks John, we do have lots more WWII stuff planned… it all comes down to time really but we’ll keep at it 🙂

  33. Hi Justin i am a little bit narkted not with your kits they are even better than Metcalfs kits of which a have loads on my lay out…BUT NOW YOUR KITS BEAT THEM HANDS DOWN….
    Did you get my e mail regarding the barns as it is now havesting time and my hay feilds need mowing. and the contracter is charging me by the day for the combiner.and baler….You say why am i narked well dont you have any other female fans or am i the only one to be on your site as i see no other female fans…yours Debbie

  34. Steve Clark says:

    Hi Justin, I have just used your roof tiles and a brick paper to renovate an old Hornby signal box, its not quite finished but now looks far more realistic. I print on to A4 label paper that saves using glue. I have found that it sticks to anything, plastic, mdf, card, etc
    Will you be producing a tenement block of the type that used to exist around Kings Cross?
    Keep up the good work, I think you have got your competitors on the run!

  35. Paul Davies says:

    Excellent! I was able to download a stone sheet and a slate roof tile sheet.No problem at all and the e-mail link arrived just as I completed the PayPal transaction.My intention is to clad a Superquick building to make it fit the site I have…..if it works I will post some photos….if it doesn’t well I have other projects ! Thanks again!

  36. Pamela says:

    Good selection of textures and brick papers. Fast arrival of download link. Excellent! Just the job for scratch building – thank you.

  37. Colin Edwicker says:

    Just downloaded the bus depot and the weathered tarmac with no problem. The bus depot looks very impressive indeed.

  38. geoff says:

    Purchased item downloaded fine, not constructed model yet but sure it will provide a excellent model.
    Many thanks

  39. Richard says:

    Items downloaded o/k. Many thanks.
    Looks very good in the flat print, now all I have to do is build them!

  40. dave says:

    Hi saw your ad in model railway mag thought I would give you a try im really pleased with my purchase look forward to trying one of your factory kits Thank you

  41. Richard says:

    Wish i’d found your site sooner the kits I’ve made so far are of superb quality. I usually say you get what you pay for but in this case you get more…might have to redo my layout to accommodate more of your kits.

  42. Mark C says:

    Great kits that are easy to download and assemble. I really believe that downloadable kits are the way to go for the future. Such detail and so inexpensive compared to plastic kits and ready-built resin structures from China. These downloads also provide plenty of variety, opportunities to make more buildings the same at minimal cost and opportunities to experiment with kit bashing. If your kit bash doesn’t work out, chuck it out and try again. The only cost is additional printing!

  43. Love the blog. Beautifully produced kits of interesting buildings. Long may it continue.

  44. chris pheasey says:

    Very pleased with my purchases. The best textures available upto present. They would be absolutely briliant if used to cover metcalfe and superquick buildings,and would totally stand out from standard kit buildings

  45. Steve Hobbs says:

    Just downloaded my first kit and printed it onto photo quality paper. Looks great. Can’t wait to start construction. I am sure there will be more to follow judging by the quality of this product.

  46. graham says:

    impressed greatly with the quality and will purchase more in the future.

  47. Les Brown says:

    downloaded a kit built it to see how the came out, very impressed it came out great well done

  48. Richard says:

    Justin: I’m the one who lives across the pond in the colonies. I just received my first order and am dreaming of my next order. Not only are the kits amazing, but the lend themselves perfectly for the U>S. sights I want and can find nowhere else!! Thank you.

  49. David Tuson says:

    I have just downloaded the old road signs as these are to scale. I previously scanned a page from an AA book and reduced its size until I thought it was right – but having compared with Justin’s – I was far too large. I am in the middle of a big track laying project so will not get round to replacing my signs for some time.
    I download kits that I think will be useful in future. I’ve only made one of Justin’s kits and have to say it looks good and the instructions are easy to follow. So keep them coming, if I think a new one will be useful I’ll buy it.
    The range is a great complement (and in some instances better) to the kits from Metcalfe and SuperQuick

  50. Keith Buckett says:

    Bought your yellow stone ashlar sheets hoping to replicate Mendip limestone with them. The jury’s still out as I haven’t used them yet. I’m hoping it works because the quality is excellent. I’m modelling the Radstock area on the S&D so I’m going to need quite a lot of it. Appreciate your follow up e mail making sure everything arrived ok. Nice touch. Be back now I know what you produce. Keith B.

  51. Philip Bauckham says:

    My order arrived promptly and printed well on 120gsm matt coated inkjet paper. The water tower was my second attempt. I had previously glued both sheets onto tissue box type card which was ok except for the smaller items which had to be folded. These did not work well or look good. On the the second attempt I used these direct from the inkjet paper. The finished tower looks good. I look forward to constructing the half-relief terraced housing. All in n-gauge. Thanks. Philip.

  52. michael m says:

    what can I say other than to agree with all the other compliments I have read, these kits are so much more than value for money.
    Keep up the good work Justin, we modellers need you.

  53. Peter Parker says:

    As easy as 123. Many thanks for your excellent products.

  54. Gary Cleaver says:

    Purchased 4 kits all downloaded without issue. Have printed the Victorian ale house off and detail is amazing. will send you pics when finished Thanks Justin

  55. Ian Blackburn-Elliot says:

    H i Justin, at first I had a little trouble getting the downloads, but with help from my son, I have solved that problem. I think your kits are great, and lend themselves to many conversions, having made the free kits, small factory airfield huts, I am now embarking on your low relief factory, only I plan to turn it into a full building, I will let you know how I get on as soon as I find out How to transmit pictures. Thanks for some great material.

  56. Iain Swinnerton says:

    The sheets all printed out very well using my Epson SX525WD . At 82, I am not sure whether I will be able to make them up to the standard I would like but I will give it a go!

    An excellent product.



  57. Jim S says:

    Nice site, very good selection and great detail. All 4 kit’s and freebie downloaded with no problems.
    Items look good even on 80 gram paper.
    Very pleased.
    Thanks Justin.

  58. ken says:

    Thanks Justin well worth the money especial y with the freebies have started cutting allready.will tray and send a pic when I am finnished.

    Best regards


  59. John Morris says:

    Brilliant design for my backscene of 1930’s factory kit for my layout of lineside London buildings around underground station. I have improved some items by putting in fan extractors in factory and office windows with plastic screw covers and coloured in rust brown. I can resize the kits to smaller scale to give some distance further back look. I have purchased more kits. I would like to have Georgian town houses backscenes with flat roof tops. I shall send you pictures when I have completed my London Underground scene layout in 00 scale.

  60. John Morrow says:

    Have purchased a couple of kits lately and I have been quite impressed not only with the amount of detail in each kit but also the price, I can’t wait to see my latest purchase on my Model Railway layout, each kit is very authentic and well worth the money, I look forward every week to your latest additions, keep up the good work.

  61. Colin Dale says:

    No problem downloading the signs very realistic will look well on my layout very impressed.

  62. Steve Cox says:

    I would just like to say what a pleasure it is to deal with ModelRailwayScenery.
    The products are simply wonderful & I have used several on my growing layout already.
    Also, when I experienced a problem with a download (very unusual) it was rectified swiftly. Keep those kits coming guys.

  63. Michael Denniss says:

    Yes download ok looks great thanks mike

  64. Richard says:

    I just downloaded the static caravan kits and they are fantastic. I can’t wait to print them out and a mobile home park for my layout!

  65. Roy P says:

    The low relief industrial building was just what I was looking , proved to be easy to download, and makes up into a very realistic model (at a very realistic price!) The fact that you can make a number of these from the same download means they are always ‘on tap’ if you need them. Just looking to see what my next purchase will be.

  66. Tim Leighton says:

    Outstanding products. And apart from the obvious quality of your building kits, the ‘simple’ items like the plywood and metal sheets give the best possible solution for wagon loads, building site dioramas etc. They are a perfect representation of these items.

  67. John Moyle says:

    Just downloaded 2 more kits for my fairground site. A very essential Toilet block and
    equally essential Beach style shop for hot dogs. They will not be the last as I find the
    instructions easy to follow. the artwork superb and the finished model stunning.
    Just great stuff.

  68. John Morrow says:

    Have just downloaded another kit from Justin, once again I am very pleased with the texture and of course the price, what also pleases me is that when you download your kit Justin enquires to see if it downloaded without any problems, I like that because to me it shows that he cares about his customers, great site, great prices.

  69. B Mann says:

    Excellent kits,easy to put together,and look great.I will be buying more .Cheers Bill

  70. Robin Bale says:

    Everything downloaded fine.
    Now to get building, which by past experience, is easy and fun.

  71. I’m getting back into model railways after a break of 50 odd years !
    I have to say I have tried various card kits that are out there, but I like these best, they have far more detail and are truer to life than any others.

    I tend to mix kits up a bit, at the moment I am working on adding the chimney from the plant kit, to the small factory kit in the free download.

    What I would love to see is a pair of signalmans cottages, and more 1930’s buildings.

  72. Colin Edwicker says:

    just downloaded Weathered Asphalt, Platform Edge Coping and Light Grey Concrete sheets for use on the platforms and walls of my model based on Uxbridge Tube Station. Easy and quick to download as always.

  73. Mick R says:

    Just downloaded TX1400 weathered slate, very realistic,great job,many thanks.

  74. John Kilminster says:

    Downloaded without problems, superb detail so glad i’ve found you!!

  75. Raymond says:

    Hi Justin

    All downloaded really great stone retaining walling, looking forward to building it for my layout.

    Keep up the good work.


  76. Graham Hall says:

    I’m just getting into scratchbuilding and have purchased a couple of brick sheets so far, both of which I downloaded and printed with ease. Very impressed by the quality and equally as pleased with the freebies and Hints & Tips. Good website – easy to use and purchases arrive instantly.

    Will be back for more as my skills (hopefully) improve.

  77. John Morrow says:

    Have just downloaded Network Rail Platform Edge Coping and once again Justin has delivered another great product, so happy that I have come across this site, Justin’s products just add that finishing touch to my layout, very pleased with this particular kit and with prices like these you cannot go wrong.

  78. Bill Fassett says:

    I have a programming and test layout (3′ x 6′) for working on locos, lighted rolling stock, etc. Just for fun, I’m also using it to try out some different scenery techniques. I use DecoderPro software from the JMRI suite, and connect to the test layout via a Digitrax PR3 programmer. However, since all the functions are handled by the software, the PR3 just sits on the board looking not pretty so much. So – I ordered the new small industrial shop, whose dimensions are just right to cover the PR3! (Won’t be using the optional platform.

    My wife knows how to take the .pdf files and convert them so they may be cut on a Silhouette Cameo cutter – way more precise than by hand.

  79. M.Sykes says:

    Thanks for the prompt download of NGauge Tents & Shower block. Kits not assembled yet, but the prints look well detailed.

  80. David says:

    Downloading and printing was a breeze – can’t wait to get building!
    ……And thanks for the bonus items! ;-D

  81. Wayne Jameson says:

    Quality of sheets is brilliant – will transform into outstanding buildings

  82. Michael Dowdle says:

    Great product for a great price, If you muck up just reprint idiot proof
    Thanks M

  83. Paul Waymark says:

    Hi Justin,

    Ordered the billboard kit and it downloaded fine, very fast service.
    Can’t wait to start making the kits.



  84. Tony says:

    Ordered roofing slate and vintage signs all was smooth the order printed of nicely as well ty will be back to buy more.

  85. Gavin Atkins says:

    Top quality products with easy to follow instructions. I have downloaded several kits now and will continue to do so.

  86. Colin Payne says:

    I am building my layout in N gauge and I particularly like the range of models you have developed as it enables me to incorporate a mix of building styles when combined with the offerings of other manufacturers. I defenitely intend to using some of your products to give me variety and looking forward to making some real progress. Keep it up!” Colin P

  87. Bernard Stuart says:

    Superb product available at the touch of a mouse, how convenient too. Great value for money compared with buying alternative commercially available sheets. After I used my first purchase, I was quickly back for more. Hope the range continues to expand.

    Bernard Stuart

  88. Ronnie says:

    Thanks Justin , everything downloaded fine, just what I need, looks great as usual.

  89. keith piggott says:

    Thanks for the quiery ,yes I got the down loads ok.Down loads go directly to a program on the computer.I have downloaded and printed off both items and I must say they both look really good and the price is very good as well,can recommend them to any one who enjoys making their scenery from card

  90. steve r says:

    Just bought my first kit from you and I have to say how impressed I am, the instructions are clear and the product itself is of excellent quality. I have already ordered another with more to follow. Real value for money.Thanks Justin and co

  91. Robert Mears says:

    Thank you for your interest yes everything downloaded fine as it usually does with the Mac ,just need to get the right photo paper and I am ready for the Christmas break.
    Best wishes to you and your family for Christmas & the New Year. Bob Mears

  92. Ian Snedden says:

    Hi Justin , just a quick note to let you know that the wall sheets were downloaded via my ipad without any problem . Will forward copy of model when finished regards , Ian.

  93. Raymond says:

    Thanks Justin
    everything downloaded without any problem as always when purchased from you will be back shortly

  94. william gratwick says:

    this site and kits are the best thing since sliced bread downloaded in 60 sec

  95. Alan says:

    Just finishing my first model, small factory in n scale, which I have kit bashed to turn it into a small goods depot. Mixed and matched with brick/texture sheets for the platform giving a pleasing well worn look. As a newby to card models I’ve been really pleased with the ease that things went together and that as a downloaded kit mistakes were easily corrected. Great to know that you could experiment with ideas safe in the knowledge that if an idea didn’t work you could just print another copy and try again!

  96. Bernard says:

    Justin, I have just downloaded the OLD WORKSHOP to my memory stick. The kit looks great I hope my modelling skills will do it justice. Thanks.

  97. Robert says:

    Hi Justin. Thanks for the downloads, great product. I’m saving up the cereal boxes.

  98. Julian Carr says:

    Excellent products, readily available. Cheap and simple to complete, covering a lot of areas that have been traditionally missing from the model railway scene, or have required building from scratch. First class service all round.

  99. Nigel says:

    Very easy to order and download straightaway, and very good value. I just wanted some aged brickwork and stonework for an elevated part of my layout – and these are perfect. I also ordered some traffic signs which are perfect for my ’50s layout. When I have time to get these in place, I will be back!

  100. Ian Guild says:

    Impressed, for the price

  101. John Morrow says:

    Just downloaded some Portacabins, another quality product from Justin and so cheap as well, this site just keeps getting better and better, well pleased.

  102. harry says:

    Justin as usual kits downloaded with no problems at all. and i look forward to building them.

  103. Glyn Waterfall says:

    Justin have just downloaded another kit from you, and once again I am very pleased with the textures and of course the price, I am also very pleased with the fact that when you download your kit from Justin you send and enquiry to see if it downloaded without any problems, I like that because in todays day and age it is quite rare to get that kind of service and it shows that he cares about his customers, you have a great site that is easy to use and fantastic prices.
    Living in Toronto, Canada and originally from Manchester UK your kits take me on many journeys down memory lane.
    Keep up the good work and I take my hat off to you and all your staff, look forward to many many more downloads/kits.
    I am looking for a Woolworths sign, any ideas.


  104. John Draper says:

    Everything downloaded quickly and easily. Up to now I have primarily experimented with Melcalfe kits and as I am still in the process completeing (Hmm…) my track layout, my urban / town construction has only just started. I originally found your site when I was looking for a cheaper way of building walls and fences. I haven’t quite started using the downloads yet but the quality of the printed items seems to be very good. I am looking forward to using them in the near future.
    Regards, John

  105. Paul Huxford says:

    Just bought and downloaded the modern Image workplace signs . Just what I needed for my new layout . Glad to have found the website and from the comments above it seems I have some more exploring to do .Many thanks .

  106. Mick Dowdle says:

    Just received my latest order and once again the Quality and Price are second to none, I tried this time one of your ready printed kits and the photo realism is amazing and surpasses the well known kits do not get me wrong I will still use them for fun and quickness, but yours is without the best on the market.
    Thanks Mick

  107. John Bartlett says:

    Have just downloaded your Cornish pub, looks very good. Now it only leaves me to muck it.

  108. George says:

    All your kits are amazingly detailed and contain high quality of detail. If your looking for top class kits and detail for your layout but don’t want the high price, then this is the place to buy.
    You add all that extra detail to my layout, I’m very impressed, keep the new kits coming!


  109. Richard says:

    Once more I am amazed at your work and your ability to produce something I can definitely use on my layout, with only a minor modification, before I was just about to need it.

  110. Pete says:

    I’ve had a couple of free downloads from Justin & Team before, the sets I’ve just purchased look fantastic on the screen will be printing & building them shortly, to complete a blank back scene

  111. john says:

    Your enamel signs are just the ticket!

  112. Mike Bond says:

    had a couple of downloads which printed perfectly and will look good on the model I am building

  113. Mick Dowdle says:

    I purchased the roadside café and yet again a wonderful model full of detail and character and at a price that is without doubt one of the best, also with my skill level I can download again and again for those slight mishaps.
    Many Thanks Mick D

  114. Paul Burgess says:

    Simply brilliant

  115. Barrie says:

    Hi Justin I managed to get files undone after downloading some more software,anyway every thing is fine and they have printed out well and look marvelous.Thankyou

  116. John W says:

    The 4mm scale vintage road signs are just what I have been looking for. A great find. Thank you

  117. Ian says:

    Hi Justin, Bought, Downloaded, and viewed in 2 mins look great,as usual up to your great quality & standard. Cheers, Thankyou

  118. Ian Blackburn=Elliot says:

    Great models can be made from the downloads, I found photographic board great for strength.*
    1 sheet costs about £3.00.per sq meter from most office suppliers .
    Keep up the good work.

  119. geff says:

    hi! Justin
    thanks for the great download (billboard posters)very easy to do, your a godsend for us model makers. & a lot cheaper than whats on ebay. apart from your self of course,
    many thanks geff

  120. gerald k says:

    great download as usual, keep up the great work Justin, do you ever sleep?!!

  121. Stephen Emerson says:

    Hello Justin. Got the downloads ok thanks. I am now looking forward to making them. THANK YOU.

  122. john says:

    Hello Justin, latest order came through no problem, excellent quality as usual, also great back up service when on the odd occasion a problem does arise.
    Thanks all the best, John.

  123. Mike says:

    So easy! Great value, too. Love the look of the bricks; this is the second load I have bought & got a freebie too! Keep it up, Justin.

  124. Mike Wood says:

    Just received your set of vintage enamel signs and posters and wanted to say what a great selection. Extremely high detail, together with a trouble free ordering and download process.
    Keep up the great work and many thanks. Mike W

  125. Henry Allen says:

    Being blessed with a very fast cable broadband, the kit of the terraced houses took seconds to download. Excellent kit, looking forward to building it when the layout’s more complete. Thank you.

  126. kevin ripley says:

    downloaded with no problems….so far only looked at them ..they look amazing..carnt wait till i get some time to print them out and build them …still mainly planning whats going to go where on a new layout….thanks justin

  127. neil davey says:

    just down loaded the double track girder bridge looks fantastic going to enjoy putting it together

  128. Michael Bristow says:

    Received my download of O gauge Yard Hut . It looks good and will make up nicely and fit into my plans for it

    What a pity that this is the only real building which you offer in O gauge – lets have some more please.

  129. William Christian says:

    Thank you for the easy to download and print out various N gauge sheets. They look fine and are intricately detailed being clear under magnification.
    Would it be possible to have some taller chimneys on the weathered chimney pots sheet ? Also it is possible to make square pots by wrapping round a small square stick.

  130. Dave Miller says:

    Just made the Small Electricity Substation OO kit. Excellent, easy to assemble, looks good, perfect size to fit over a surface mounted point, makes a change from the Hornby plastic platelayers hut. I’ll put a photo up if I can find out how.

  131. Tony says:

    Easily down loaded with no problems. Will come back again

  132. Neil Hughes says:

    Ive downloaded a few of the building kits now,the quality is outstanding with 1st class results to compliment any layout.The laser kits are even better with most of the tricky bits done for you.Well recommended. Thanks

  133. Ray Almgren says:

    Was able to download my three kits with no problems, very pleased with them. Just have to find the time to build them

  134. John Burgin says:

    Started with the free download they all worked well . Purchased the low relief arches still work in progress but looking good.Now the low relief large factory.Very pleased with it all.

  135. David Woodward says:

    Excellent service and great value. Easy download very quickly received, print quality good and adequate instructions. Look forward to more in the future.

  136. chris pheasey says:

    Have purchased several textures now and have found them to be very realistic. I am now converted to card modelling as it saves time and gives a better result than painting everything.I recently built the old airfix inn kit using brick paper for the bottom half of the building and slate texture sheet on the roof.I was very happy with the result and it is far different to the normal building.Thanks Justin,keep up the good work.

  137. Jim S says:

    I’ve recently downloaded the half relief terraced houses for N gauge.
    The detail is great and will look even better when finished.
    Easy download, no problems.

  138. john says:

    My latest order arrived and downloaded no problem Justin, and it is of the same high quality as everything I have ordered to date from you, please keep up the good work.
    Thanks again, all the best, John.

  139. Meirion Jones says:

    Hi Justin, as always superb looking kits and the backscene very lifelike, love the work that you produce and value for money as well once again many many thanks for such a great product and service

  140. PLS says:

    Great quality product, easy to order, download and print, all using an iPad. Opened the Zip of the PDF file with the WinZip app, saved it to iBooks and printed it to my air printer – a real breeze. Great value for money too. Perfect. Thank you. Can we have some roof tiles or slates for O gauge please?

  141. George Clarke says:

    Hi, thank you very much for your kind email. I had no problem at all downloading the interior sheets from you, and I am more than pleased them, they are excellent. I was just trying out a new printer to see if it was connected properly, but will be buying a lot more downloads and kits from you.
    Many thanks George.

  142. DAVID WESTERN says:

    HI Justin and crew, just to say thanks again for great product and service. Thanks again many thanks. David.

  143. paul stirland says:

    i must say i have purchased a few of your models Justin and they are top quality and super detail keep up the good work

  144. Phil T says:

    Just downloaded the terraced house backscene absolutely delighted, and excellent product for an excellent price! Keep up the good work, cannot wait for more new designs.

  145. Robert Shields says:

    Orders downloaded very well and I was most impressed by the quality of your work. Will definitely be using your site again. Thanks.

  146. Kevin says:

    Hi Justin
    That was so easy and everything is awesome such great detail I will be buying more so hard to get decent kits here in New Zealand without having to pay a fortune 10 out 10 mate you have nailed it such a Awesome product and Service you provide Thanks very Much

  147. john says:

    Great stuff as usual Justin excellent quality also like very much the facility you offer to print/download all purchases I have made from you, it helps me keep tabs on exactly what I have as my admin leaves a “wee bit” to be desired !!!!.
    Great stuff Justin and team and a big welcome to the latest member of your team Lola the dog, hope it is behaving better than mine does !!!
    Keep up the good work, all the best, John.

  148. Ian Murdoch says:

    Very quick delivery not made them up yet but the wall looked good when I saw it and yourself at Ruddington on Sunday Ian

  149. These products are amazing! They look superb and My layout would not be as good as it is without the products from Model Railway Scenery. They are lovely to build and look fantastic. Justin has such a passion for this hobby, and is always on hand to help with any ideas and support. I purchased one of the open sided barn kits and Justin was very helpful in supplying material to make sides so it fitted the specifications that I needed on My layout. I would highly recommend this supplier. Give them a try, you don’t know what you are missing!

  150. Angela H says:

    Great choice of kits and look good made up even though I’m not the best at modelling. Could do with a school for my model village, any chance of you doing one soon. Keep up the good work and say hello to Lola for me, she is lovely and keep up with the training it will be worth it in the end.

  151. Richard A. says:

    Thanks Justin, you had exactly what I needed for my layout. Detailing is brilliant. I will recommend this supplier. Thanks

  152. Ted Castle says:

    Fantastic value for money. Easy download.

  153. Ian Moore says:

    Always a pleasure to deal with. Quick and inexpensive, with excellent results.

  154. geordie says:

    have just purchased and downloaded campsite reception/shop everything looks great no probs getting links to work Im just new to all this but it looks fantastic shall be getting more stuff from modelrailwayscenery


  155. David W says:

    Hi Justin, Just downloaded low relief shops O.K. They look great. All I need to do is print and make. Regards David.

  156. Ricky says:

    Downloaded items no problems worked out how to rescale them from oo gauge to n gauge ok will look great on layout

  157. Michaela Rollins says:

    Purchased the horizontal striped roller shutter door download with no problems whatsoever. If only all other sites were so easy to use! The customer care is second to none.


  158. Peter Highet says:

    Hello Justin
    I recently retired from work and decided on a life-long ambition to build a model railway layout. I spent a lot of time on researching available products and the layout is almost complete. BUT HOW DID I MANAGE TO MISS YOUR WEBSITE?! I was pleased with my efforts in putting together backscenes, card buildings and structures from various sources but they are rubbish compared to the quality and wide range of your scenery!! And all at very competitive prices! You have obviously spent a lot of time on thought and design. Good job!

  159. Brian says:

    Bought brick and tiled roof papers, realistic papers and excellent service.

  160. stuart says:

    I just downloaded the signs and posters in 4mm scale with no trouble at printed them at all…I’ve printed them at different sizes to give me more perspective

  161. Ian says:

    Downloaded the scale rulers and the 1940’s interior, they look great and work well

  162. David Paddison says:

    Just downloaded the GWR coaling stage, an excellent product for an excellent price! I’ve been looking for one of these for ages.

  163. Graham Hughes says:

    Easily downloaded and allthough have yet to build the item,instructions are simple and look easy to follow.Bargain.

  164. Ken Jones says:

    Ordering and downloading was a breeze. Quality looks excellent – this was my first order but I expect to be back for more.

  165. Got your wagon and truck loads , not had time to assemble them yet but they look good. also got your terrace houses and the fish and chip shop both of which are excellent, I got these items via cut and paste on the internet before I found your web,They work well with a model of the Rovers Return pub I got free from where I can,t recall. I would send pic but I have not yet worked out how to attach them to an email. If I ever figure it out will send some. maybe over christmas, yours Larry

  166. Terry says:

    Many thanks,easy download,and great detail, bring on the bad weather,cant wait to get building!
    Thanks Justin,and the team.

  167. G.MICHIE says:

    Yes thanks, all received and the printing went well. Can now get on with the layout.

  168. Frank Organ says:

    Hi!, Justin, I would like to congratulate you on the quality of your kits etc. I have built others from the web but can’t find anything to beat yours, the workmanship & quality of your work is, I believe, unbeatable, please don’t go out of business or I will have nothing to do, as I have built & am still building a lot of your work. I would love to see you build a double story Site Office / Portakabin Kit with the stairs going up from the long side as they have on building sites these days. Keep up the great work.
    Frank O

  169. Jeff says:

    great buildings easy to build thanks Justin

  170. Colin Hart says:

    Truly excellent models. Keep up the good work.

  171. John Sparrow says:

    Just downloaded my first kit – link came through immediately and the download was trouble-free.
    Price is pretty good too. I’m looking forward to building it.

  172. Alan says:

    I am very impressed with the speed and efficiency that I encountered with the order,payment
    and downloading. I will be ordering again very soon.

    Alan P

  173. Geoff holland says:

    Hi justin,the kit downloaded ok,it looks a super kit of a garage.I’m just going to print it out
    to get it ready to make a start to make it .Top Marks keep them coming.

  174. roger farrow says:

    look at this site today for the first time ,found in easy to use ,good service all the way thru the process,in downloading
    look forward to use ths again,many thanks

  175. Mike Friend says:

    Hi Justin,
    Very pleased with my downloads,also enjoy your weekly message.Really useful links
    Thanks again
    Best Regards to you and family.

  176. John Chapman says:

    As one of the last of the dinosaurs, let alone the Mohicans, I am able to download pdf files rather than the zipped files normally supplied. Justin always converts these promptly and kindly upon request, and I think it exemplifies his personal service to the customer when he does so.
    Justin, thank you once again!

  177. Product is first class I will be using more as my lay out progresses ( laser cut Stairs would be good)

  178. Gordon Hanson says:

    First class product, I will be using more as my layout progresses.
    (Laser cut stairs would good)

  179. Gordon says:

    First class product, I will be using more as my layout progresses.
    (Laser cut stairs would be good)

  180. Fred Locker says:

    Thanks for the great service you offer, Justin. Easy to order, easy to download & a speedy delivery. In fact I had not finished my cup of tea when order turned up. Keep up the good work.
    Regards Fred L.

  181. Alan Vaughan says:

    Downloaded Office half relief and shops in N Gauge,no problems everything went fine.Quite happy to recommend this site.

  182. Richard M says:

    Hi Justin, Yes all downloaded and printed just fine. Just one small point which really only applies to us modelers out here in the colonies (Canada) A4 paper/card is virtually non obtainable and this does occasionally cause problems with margins. The standard size here is Letter Size which is 8.5 x 11 inches or 216 x 279 mm. For example the kit I just downloaded loses the bottom of the instructions on page “A”. Not critical but sometimes inconvenient when building parts exceed these margins.

    Otherwise I’m impressed by your range and expect to order more in the near future.

    Also as a past Marketing guru I’m impressed by your “stream” of newsletters, web updates and general understanding of excellent marketing. It’s a pity not everyone in cyber-land behaves like you.

    All the best for 2016 from snowy (and cold, -9C with windchill of -20C) Canada.

  183. Bern says:

    downloaded fine but did not think I would, all printed off ready to start thanks Bern

  184. John says:

    Downloaded without a problem. Thank you

  185. M G Riches says:

    Hi Received the market stalls ok. Just need to find time to build them between caring for grandchildren. Thanks.

  186. eric bird says:

    Download went well, all files in my card models folder. Keep up the good work. Many thanks.

  187. Mike Friend says:

    Hi Justin,
    I am a mature railway modeller,and have several of your products.I am impressed with each purchase and have found your.regular letters interesting and really usefull.I don’t know how you manage to come up with so many products in such a short time but I know they are appreciated.The brick papers etc are so useful and lifelike .Keep up with the good work.
    Regards to yourself and family.
    Mike Friend

  188. Nivien Pickering says:

    Hi Justin,
    Thanks for the downloads. Everything went good, just one little hicup but that was my falt. Keep up with the good work. I will send you photo’s when I have them finished.
    Regards to yourself and family.

  189. Colin Edwicker says:

    Hi Justin,
    Just downloaded the ‘Small Industrial Unit’ in N gauge, that’s tomorrow sorted then.

  190. Peter says:

    Downloaded a stone sheet onto some old photo paper and was astonished just how good it looks.
    Goodbye painting embossed plastikard.
    Will certainly buy more and recommend you.

  191. Colin Boughton says:

    Hi Justin,
    Everything printed OK and I look forward to building a warehouse using the cladding detail.
    The windows purchased earlier are OK as well and will be used on my next scratchbuild project of blocks of flats.
    Kind regards Colin

  192. Don Pearson says:

    Hi Tina and Justin,
    As a relatively new customer, I am very Happy to say how Good the material received both by Downloads and Products are.
    The Laser Cut Lineside Fencing in N gauge is excellent, just need to be careful when fixing to layout, but it looks ‘ Better than I imagined’ I will send the N Gauge Journal a Review.
    The twice weekly emails are also welcome, even my better half views them with great interest. Thanks for all your efforts, Don.

  193. Aidan says:

    Only just found the website today and wish I had found it earlier! The overall

    The website is easy to use and the downloads worked perfectly and printed to a very high standard – very pleased.

  194. Bob Alton says:

    Downloaded fuel tanks and bund wall without any problems which – for me a computer novice – is some achievement! All looks very good. Just have to assemble it now!

    Many thanks

    Bob A

  195. Alex G says:

    An excellent service, really pleased with the printable sheets, keep up the good work.

  196. Michael brown says:

    Awesome. Impressed with the free sheds so bought the 20ft container set. So easy and look great. £1.99 to fill a freight yard. No brained. I will be looking to make future purchases. Well done Justin.

  197. Allan Anderson says:

    I emailed Justin for help in getting a new download link needed after a system problem here.
    Just a couple of minutes later, it arrived, and I’m back in business.
    Thank you again for terrific service.

  198. Stuart Palmer says:

    Hi Justin, just downloaded 3 of your files no problem, now I have to build them, all looks straight foreward, great value for money.

  199. John says:

    Hello Justin,
    Excellent quality as usual, no problem downloading, over time I have bought some 38 kits/sheets and I am delighted to see the 1/43rd scale kits, and as you mentioned in a recent newsletter you are going to produce more kits etc in this and other scales ie 1/35 etc.
    Don’t know how you folks manage to find the time to produce all the material you do.
    Keep up the good work.
    All the best, John.

  200. Clive Wood says:

    So many kits and scratch building sets to choose from, but once you’ve made your choice the rest is easy. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!!!!

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